Reasons For Using A Reusable Grocery Bag While Shopping

Using resources with a limit and producing less waste is not the only thing that a corporation or factory should alone think of. Each one of us being a part of this world can make a huge difference in how we affect the environment around us. We can continue our normal lifestyle and create waste each other or we can get anenvironmentally friendly lifestyle and make a better world.

You can start your contribution with a simple change in the shopping bags you use at any store. When you are ready to leave the grocery store you are asked a question if you want a plastic bag or a paper bag? You have a choice to choose either one. Whatever you are choosing it turns out to affect the environment, but you can always use a reusable bag to help the environment.

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Some general reasons to adopt the habit of reusable bags rather than paper or plastic bags

  • Resources are conserved

Plastic bags may seem small and flimsy, but they have a larger footprint on the environment than you can imagine. To manufacture the plastic bag twelve million barrels are used in the United States. Thinking ona smaller scale, you can ride a car for a mile with the same amount of gasoline used to manufacture 14 plastic bags.

  • Reduces pollution

The environment can be devastatingly affected by plastic. Plastic products take between 15 and 1000 years to break down. Assuming that these plastic bags are landfills instead of winding in the water banks, streams, and floating in the neighborhood. Among 100 billion plastic shopping bags only 1 percent is sent for recycling, which shows pollution due to plastic bags is generated annually.

  • Protection of wildlife

Around 100,000 death of marine animals is caused due to them mistaking plastic shopping bags in the seaas their food. Plastic bags snagged in the tree trap the small wildlife animals, leaving them to die in the environment.

  • Get durability and strength

Reusable bags do not get damaged, tearing of handle or having holes on the corner because of sharp ends of the product or boxes that you shopped is avoidable with reusable bags. It is easier to have reusable bags for loading and unloading groceries, and the stuff you have purchased seems to survive the trip from and to the store.

  • Reusable bags can be multitasking

It can be used for much more stuff than holding groceries. A pretty reusable bag can be used as a tote bag too. Packing your lunch in it, using them for picnics or road trips, take it as a bag to hold books from or to the library.

Now that you know how things can get better for the environment and the living things in it give it a try. It is an easy practice you can follow, so why wait?

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