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Reasons to Move to Chicago

Move to Chicago

Every city in America is unique, but Chicago tops the list of them all.

Home to over 3 million people, Chicago is the most populated city in Midwestern America and the third-largest in the nation. The city offers epic living opportunities, from thriving industries to rich and world-class education and even leisure.

If you’re wondering why moving to this place is a good option, in this article, you find 10 of the best practical reasons to move to Chicago.

1.     Sports

Love sports? Wrigleyville, Wrigley Field, United Centre, SeatGeek Stadium, Guaranteed Rate Field, Soldier Field, Allstate Arena and Wintrust Arena are some of the best places in Chicago, Illinois sports lovers gather to watch their beloved teams compete in various leagues. No matter the type of sport, from track race (Chicago Marathon) to baseball games with teams like Chicago Clubs and the White Sox competing, sports fans can enjoy a hearty moment while supporting their favored team.

2.     Neighborhoods

The city also boasts seventy-seven diverse suburbs where everyone can find a place that suits their taste. In fact, every neighborhood has its stereotype, architectural styles and various distinctive features that differentiate them from others. Some of the best neighborhoods the city has to offer include:

  • Andersonville – the largest LGBTQ community
  • Hyde park – home to most of the nation’s historic structures
  • Bucktown – perfect for music, nightlife and entertainment lovers
  • Wicker park – enjoy the view of Chicago’s skyline in this neighborhood
  • Lincoln park – a perfect getaway for outdoor lovers
  • Chinatown- experience living like you are in East Asia
  • River north – perfect for art, food and urban lifestyle lovers

3.     Live Music

The best reason to move to this city is for music lovers is the array of live music scenes they can enjoy. If you have never seen a musical orchestra play or word-class music acts with amazing voices sing live, places like Thalia Hall, Chicago Theatre, Argon Ballroom, Schubas, Lincoln Hall, Vice theatre and even the Metro will offer you no shortage of acoustic, serene and relaxing music venues.

4.     Shopping

Shopping in Chicago is often spontaneous since every nook and corner of the city is filled with high-end fashion retail outlets you wouldn’t and can’t even ignore. Neighborhoods close to the Gold coast, the Magnificent Mile and even Michigan Avenue and some of the best places offer this luxury on-whim shopping experience. From high-end fashion boutiques like Hermes to a more upscale location like Sandro, a place like this is every shopper’s dream.

5.     Job Market

While the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the city’s economy, with many entrepreneurs and businesses dismissing most of their staff, its economy has shown a steady upturn in capital and economic growth. Today, Chicago’s economy ranks among the best, with the district generating over seven hundred billion in Gross Regional Product.

What does this mean? It means the pandemic no longer dictates the market capabilities. Now, the residents can enjoy varying opportunities in industries like technology, healthcare, business, entertainment and even transportation.

6.     Festivals

Chicagoans are proud of their multicultural city. So, every day of the year, the residents hold one form of event or the other to celebrate their diverse culture. From the Pride Fest to the Downtown Chicago Parade, Ale Fest, Lightscape event, Riot Fest, Pitchfork and even the Restaurant Week, the city is filled with lively festive events all year-round to celebrate their diversity. Even music festivals are never left out. You could enjoy the yearly Jazz music festival and popular Lollapalooza festival to watch your favorite pop, hip-hop, rock or indie band play.

7.     Public Transportation

You will also enjoy convenient public transport options in the district no matter your destination. Why? Chicago’s public transit is among one of the best and the second largest in the nation. Residents can commute through the L-train lines without delays and at affordable prices.

8.     Outdoor Attractions

The most fun part of being in the city is the variety of outdoor activities and attractions you can enjoy in your leisure time. In fact, no matter the climate condition, you can still experience various fun activities like ice-skating. Enjoy sledding activities, outdoor events like concerts, movies, sports and music scenes in the parks at night. Want to enjoy the tranquil feeling of urban life, visit Garfield Park Conservatory, Wild Mile Chicago or the lakefront Trail.

9.     History, Arts & Culture A-Plenty

Chicago is also a city filled with diverse arts and culture. You will even find a large portion of the nation’s history along its streets and museums. Places like the National Museum of Mexican Art, Alder planetarium, DuSable Museum of African American History, Museum of Science and even the Art Institute of Chicago will offer history lovers rich historical facts they won’t get on the net. Experience diverse art pieces on the streets as unique statues, paintings and abstract art line each neighborhood corner.

10.  Dining

Food and dining options will never be a cause of worry if you live in Chicago. Due to how diverse the city is, you will find various dining options no matter the part of the continent you come from. For Americans, you know how the district’s signature dishes taste super delicious in your mouth. Well, if you plan to move to this area, you can enjoy the city’s thick signature pizza, hearty hotdogs, Italian beef, pizza puffs and even deep dish.


Chicago is a place filled with upscale, top-tier and refined opportunities that rival most cities in the US. Apart from these, there are various reasons to move to Chicago. From the high-end shopping outlets to the growing job market, history, art, and many more. If these reasons don’t seem good enough, then you may need to ask questions from moving companies Chicago.

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