ClinicalWorks, a practise management and electronic health record (EHR) system, integrates technology into every stage of the patient care delivery process. Patient interaction, Telehealth, configurable reminders, population health data, healthcare analytics, and personalised message campaigns are all available to clinicians. For a variety of healthcare specialisations, eCW software features organised data gathering, trend analysis, and customisable documentation choices. In the Patient Hub, clinicians have access to all aspects of patient records. Clinicians now have access to Eva, a virtual assistant who may aid them in reviewing patient records, including information from the Progress Note tool and data flowsheets, with eClinicalWorks EMR Version 11. The Healow app, Messenger, a self-service patient portal, online appointment scheduling, and more are all included in V11. The Healow app from eCW can track patient-recorded data from home monitoring devices that patients wear/use and sync it directly with the healthcare provider’s EHR system, keeping physicians up to date on patient vital signs, activity, and progress in real time. Hospitals and healthcare providers may acquire EMRs (electronic medical records), personal health records, and practise management software and services through eClinicalWorks EMR, a cloud-based platform. It aids users in evaluating health records, particularly vital facts hidden within them. This information contains visit history, allergies, lab and diagnostic test results, current prescriptions, and patient accounts. Healthcare providers may deliver high-quality service to their patients with healow Telehealth Solutions, eClinicalWorks V11, population health management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement with eClinicalWorks. With these characteristics, you can ensure that your patients have no problems with in-office visits and that they comprehend the illnesses’ underlying patterns. Users can utilise eClinicalWorks as a tool to handle their healthcare IT needs. It also aims to enhance how healthcare organisations handle and manage the activities and goals they set for themselves. This platform provides sophisticated tools, improved uptime, constant high-speed access, and bigger search queries with its nine key data centres. As a result, eClinicalWorks is used by over 80,000 establishments to manage their systems.




Features of eClinicalWorks EMR

You may anticipate impressive features from eClinicalWorks EMR because it is one of the most prominent platforms for offering IT solutions to the healthcare business.

  • Telemedicine solutions:

healow Telehealth Solutions is used by eClinicalWorks EMR to provide complete solutions. It’s simple to use, HIPAA-compliant, and works with any EHR. You may use this category to start visits via emails and text messages, book appointments, perform quizzes to gather information, complete Progress Notes, and track user metrics, among other things.

  • Patient participation is important:

This tool makes it easy to engage with your patients, use Kiosk to check-in for appointments, and build a strong online presence. Patients can have faster access to their personal health information and contact you if they have any questions or concerns. Other features include the option to create patient lists based on particular categorizations and the ability to deploy campaigns for administrative alerts, check-up reminders, and vaccines.

  • Management of population health:

Providers of healthcare may now offer services more efficiently and effectively. HEDIS, Hierarchical Condition Category, Transition Care Management, Chronic Care Management, and Patient-Centered Medical Home are just a few of the powerful features that make it simpler to offer high-quality care to your patients. You can now assess the efficacy of care delivery, identify the hazards associated with each programme, safeguard patients as they move between care locations, and reduce the burden associated with chronic conditions.


Benefits of eClinicalWorks:

eClinicalWorks EMR also offers users and teams a variety of features that may assist healthcare professionals optimise their workflow and give solutions for every step of the patient care delivery process. These are some of them:

  • More control over the treatment of patients:

    eClinicalWorks EMR Software provides you with comprehensive control and access to all aspects of patient care. This means you’ll be able to make appointments, contact with patients, prescribe medicine, track customer dues, and keep track of lab results and diagnostic testing. Top features including Eva, in-place editing, compliance dashboards, and mobile applications are also available.
  • Processes that are less complicated:

    It not only makes it simpler for healthcare providers to accomplish their duties, but it also makes it easier for patients to keep informed about their health. It accomplishes this by providing individuals with access to their own health information and streamlining communication between patients and medical staff.
  • Better service has been offered:

    The system also ensures high-quality service, particularly with its Telehealth options. If you want to improve your RCM service, you may take advantage of the one eClinicalWorks offers at a lesser cost.

    Pricing for eClinicalWorks:

    eClinicalWorks EMR offers three price levels to its consumers. Free conversion and on-site training are available here. You may quickly migrate from your existing EHR to a practise management system that you can control. Special deals are created specifically for consumers who are dissatisfied with their existing EMR.

    In keeping with this, they provide three different price packages for their services:

    EMR is the only option.

    The first package is $449 per provider per month.

    Practice management and electronic health records

    This subscription, which costs $599 per month, includes all of the features of the previous one. This plan includes practise management capabilities, as the name implies. This aids in the management of a company’s administrative and financial responsibilities. It also offers billing implementation services, making payments and invoices easier to handle.

    As a service, RCM (revenue cycle management)

    The final strategy differs significantly from the preceding ones. You may utilise our platform as a service, which includes services and goods, with no upfront payments. You won’t have to worry about beginning fees, and you’ll have access to strong software. You get to employ preventative claim modifications, clear insight into the A/R, billing rules, claim formation and processing, denial and rejection management, and finally, appeals at all levels, in addition to most of the capabilities included in the EHR plans. Users will be charged 2.9 percent of their practise collections as a result of this.