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Reasons Why You Might Want to Use Viral Launch

Reasons Why You Might Want to Use Viral Launch

Anyone who has ventured or is planning to venture into trading on Amazon has most probably heard about Viral Launch. A Viral Launch is an essential tool that many high-ranking FBA sellers have employed. It is used in a bid to outperform the high and unending competition. Viral Launch offers a variety of tools that are meant to boost your business on Amazon in addition to your efforts to gather organic traffic. This feature has a very extensive toolkit that includes product research functions that track your competitors, keyword research, and listing optimizers. It also offers you premium access to the most highly sought-after “Viral Launch Product Discovery,” which uses Amazon’s algorithm to boost your products, ranking them higher. Using a Viral Launch, you automatically gain access to AI-powered insights, including billions of Amazon data points, giving a trader the advantage other tools cannot provide. This tool offers complete access to all historical trends, monthly sales, monthly revenue, keyword search volume, and much more, all while browsing products on Amazon.

Why Should I Use A Viral Launch?

This is a frequently asked question whether the issue of using a Viral launch pops up. Viral Launch provides data that you can use to make smart sourcing decisions, discover products that are still unknown, and launch or promote your eCommerce business. There are many more functions which include:

Research Function

A viral launch provides a product research function that can be highly optimized and used to compare ideas, see t potential demands, and take notes of competition for them. It is undeniable that using a Viral Launch can be pretty much expensive. However, a few good and reliable companies offer great discount rates to make it affordable. You can find their coupon here and opt for their services while their offers still last. Viral launch can also help you make intelligent decisions on which products to go forward with and how to push them to your target audience.

Competitor Tracking

This is a feature on Viral Launch that instantly alerts you when your competitor’s listings increase or decrease in rank. This is very helpful as it allows you to learn from their moves or even mistakes and immediately understand what works and what to avoid.


You should subscribe to the services of a viral launch because it is very informative. It provides complete and concise details on the number of reviews you have and the sales volume, amongst a host of other things. This makes it very easy to judge the competition and potential sales for each product you have to offer and make intelligent decisions about what to launch.

User Friendly

Generally, a Virtual launch is adequately designed, flexible, and extremely simple to use. It gives you alerts when a specific product is trending aggressively upwards and lets you know the possibility and the rate of new sellers planning to enter the market. The data gathered from extensive research is very accurate, and since it’s also so easy to use, the product research tool gets a solid five-star recommendation.

Keyword Research

Virtual launchers have a keyword research tool that leads you to new suggestions and helps you find what you are looking for. It also offers you great ways to achieve either organic or paid traffic for your business from different angles that you never thought of. A keyword rank tracking tool can also keep track of all your listing ranks and teaches you how to gain insights and experience on which changes can lead to a better rank.

Conversion Optimizer

This is a well-thought-out and proper strategies feature designed for interactive listing optimizing that helps to provide insights on the type of changes that can increase your conversions and cause a drastic improvement for your sales. In addition, this conversion rate optimization tool gives you the chance to test different product photos and written copies against each other to help you decide which of the changes work best.

Product Launch Tool

A product launch tool helps you work directly with Amazon’s algorithm and launch with one of the highest ranks possible. It also has a very reliable PPC management suite that can help to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) fully and trim out the fat from your campaigns.

Product Launch Tool

A Virtual launcher is a must-have for every Amazon trader due to the exposure it offers to your business, the reliability it guarantees, and the business ease it provides.  Viral Launch is undoubtedly worth looking into and giving a shot in other to take your e-business on Amazon to greater heights.