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Reddit Knows Your Secrets! Learn How You Can Change Your Privacy Settings

Reddit Knows Your Secrets

Reddit calls itself the “front page’’ of the internet. For several reasons, it may not be an exaggeration. Reddit combines the functions of many social media sites; news and entertainment into a gigantic whole. Reddit is a sort of melting pot for media, trends, micro-cultures, communities, and jokes. This is perhaps why it is difficult to classify it into any usual category. It is a completely new world of possibilities. Reddit is hugely popular. With more than 1.5 billion users in the world. It is the sixth most visited site in the United States. It has more visitors than Instagram, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn. The openness of Reddit and the fact that it is largely free for its users have attracted people to it. 

It is one of the most visited websites in the world. Due to the range of services on Reddit and the ease with which people freely express themselves, Reddit has been able to collect a huge amount of information and sensitive personal details about its users. Reddit now knows so much about its users and collects the following information about them:

  • Email Addresses and Passwords: When users sign up on Reddit, they are required to provide a username and password. They will also be required to provide an email address. Reddit collects and stores this information. 
  • Names and Contents Users Post: Reddit collects the content users submit to their services. This includes videos, messages with other users, and saved drafts. The messages include private chats, texts, links, images, and communication with moderators are also collected. 
  • The Actions You Take: Reddit collects information about the action you take, such as your interactions with the content saving, hiding, blocking and reporting, etc.  
  • Information About Transactions: Information about users’ transactions is collected. If you buy any of Reddit’s products and services such as Reddit coins or Reddit premium, Reddit collects the information. In addition to your name, address, payment information, and email address. 
  • IP Address: Reddit also collects the IP addresses of its users. This means, it knows the location of its users and can detect the sort of devices they use. 

Reddit collects other information about users’ activities across its services. When you fill out a form on Reddit or participate in activities sponsored by Reddit, it picks up that information. Beyond the information collected by Reddit on its website, it tracks users’ activities and collects information about them when they access other websites through links on Reddit. Reddit uses cookies to track its users even after they have left Reddit and accessing other websites. From the wide range of information discussed above that Reddit collects about its users, without doubt, it knows too much. It knows the secrets of its users and virtually everything they do online. The wide range of sensitive personal information Reddit collects raises privacy concerns. Especially given the high incidence of data breaches around the world and given the fact that internet service providers with a large customer base are the favorite for cyber-attacks.  

Reddit users are maybe increasingly concerned about how to protect their personal information. These concerns are quite genuine because Reddit has been a victim of several data breaches that compromised the privacy and security of its users. Hence, while on the platform users must use the privacy settings to protect their privacy. The following are some of the privacy settings users have to take advantage of on Reddit:

  • Personalize Your Data: From Reddit home, look for “preferences” above the search barline, or alternatively, click on your profile icon and select “user’s settings” and select “data personalization. Clicking on data personalization allows you to restrict or limit the information Reddit collects about you. You can refuse Reddit permission to use your activity on the website to show you targeted ads. This stops Reddit from using your activities, personal information, and preferences to target you with specialized ads. You can also withdraw permission from Reddit to use your information from third-party websites to target you with customized ads. This privacy setting ensures that Reddit does not use information from third-party cookies to target you with ads.
  • Revoke Access to Authorized Application: If you had earlier given permission, to an app to monitor Reddit on your behalf, to enhance your privacy, go to “authorized applications” and click on “revoke access” near the bottom.
  • Turn off Search Engine Indexing: Go to search engine indexing and click on it to turn it off. This ensures that Reddit would no longer allow search engines to index your past activity and personal details on Reddit 
  • Click on “log outbound clicks” to stop third-party cookies and advertisers from tracking your activity outside of Reddit.
  • Click on message privacy and choose who can message you.
  • Use privacy apps: A privacy app like Hoody allows you to browse anonymously. It is the ultimate privacy app. With its revolutionary technologies: Phantom Browsing™ & Bulletproof Privacy Network (BPN), hoody ensures complete privacy. Hoody’s Phantom Browsing™ ensures that a unique fingerprint is created for every browser’s tab and website. Its advanced caching features accelerates the browsing experience drastically. Hoody’s Bulletproof Privacy Network (BPN) encrypts your traffic and anonymizes your IP through multiple random relays.
  • In conclusion, of this piece, what is notable is that Reddit has taken steps to improve the privacy of its users by allowing them to use its services anonymously. But to be completely protected, users should also implement personal security measures. 


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