Remedies for backache during pregnancy

Remedies for backache during pregnancy

It is fairly common to experience backache during pregnancy. Due to the baby bump, spine has to bear a lot of weight. Moreover, to accommodate for the forward thrust of the pelvis, women then change their posture that makes the situation worse. 

Consequently, lower back and middle back pain ensue. It is not the pain that is the issue, but it is also the accompanying physical discomfort that makes the situation worse. The pain then has an impact on the mood as well. 

Hence, seeking relief for the back pain is important.  Your first course of action is consulting your gynecologist doctor in Karachi, but there are also remedies that you can do to improve the symptoms of the pain. 

Be active and exercise

People often presume that they have to bedrest if their back is hurting, which is not entirely correct. Instead, being active and ensuring your core muscles are strong is also helpful.

Try to do exercises that help in making your glutes stronger, for to deal with the lower back pain. The ones that involve forward leaning can be difficult to do, so avoid those. 

Also, make sure that you are safe during the exercise; wear the correct shoes and apparel. If you have some health condition, then it is important that you consult your doctor first. 

Correct your posture 

The chances of the backache are greater if your posture is incorrect. Poor posture leads to issues with spinal alignment, which also then stresses the spine as well. So, make sure that your posture is correct. 

Improve your sleeping posture 

Sleep can be hard to get if your back is hurting. But at the same time, improper posture during sleep can hurt your back further. So, try to improve your sleep posture. 

Ideally, pregnant women should sleep on their side. To give your pelvis support, put a pillow between your legs. Try to sleep on a firm mattress. 

Try swimming 

Swimming has very many benefits for the body. It helps in improving posture. As a type of strength training exercise, it also aids in making muscles strong as well. 

Moreover, swimming is great for relaxing the mind and the body. It offers the benefits of physical activity without putting pressure on the spine. 

So, after consulting your OB-GYN, take up swimming. Its holistic impact will improve your physical and mental health. However, make sure that you stay safe and hydrated. 

Try yoga 

Yoga for pregnant women is not only useful for to keep you active, but it also helps with backache as well. There are many stretches in yoga that are helpful for easing the muscles of the back, and thus improving the symptoms of backache. However, it is important that you be safe. 


Backache can be made worse with stress and tension. Meditation helps in relaxing the mind, so it aids in resolving the muscular pains that occur on account of stress and anxiety. 

Moreover, meditation can also help in increasing the pain threshold. It then allows women to cope better with the pain. As it improves mood as well, it also then helps in remedying the other symptoms of a painful back. 

You can do guided meditation, or simply do mindful breathing. Using vision to think of your happy place can also be of help. 


If deemed safe by the doctor, massage can also be of help with the backache. For in cases where the backache is a result of muscle spasm, massages can help in relaxing the muscles. Moreover, at times, the pain and stress about pregnancy can also cause knots to form in the muscles, which are rather painful. Massages can be of help in this regard as well. 

Word of caution 

If your back pain is not improving despite the remedies, visit the best gynecologist in Rawalpindi. Also, before taking any medication, it is best that you consult your doctor. 

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