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Remote Jobs You Can Do That Don’t Need an Academic Degree

Companies all over the world today favor skills above expert degrees due to the rising awareness of skill development. Many people with minimal financial means now have access to thousands of remote opportunities as a result.

If you fall into this category, there’s good news for you: finding a decent career doesn’t require years of schooling. This post will highlight a few remote occupations that don’t require a college/academic degree, whether you’re thinking about changing careers or selecting a vocation.

Web Content Writer or a Copywriter

For marketers, business owners, publishers, and agencies, content writers and copywriters provide interesting material. While a college or academic degree isn’t required to find a fantastic writing career, those with a background in journalism or English are more likely to find employment that pays well. 

You need good research abilities, in-depth knowledge of English and grammar, an awareness of SEO, and a desire to stay current with trends in order to start a career as a copywriter or content writer. Of course, the more widely used languages (such as English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) a person is fluent in, the more employment prospects (and income) are available to them.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers translate material into visual form in the same way that content writers do for businesses. The goal of a brand is graphically communicated by graphic designers through everything from packaging designs, labels, and logos to graphics for branding and marketing awareness. While having a graphic design associate degree will help you stand out in the job market, many small organizations also look for creative thinkers with a solid grasp of design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Simply put, there is a sizable market for people who lack formal education but have the necessary skills to meet customer needs.

As per ZipRecruiter, the median (average) hourly pay for a graphic designer is about $23.74 and rises with experience. You’ll be prepared to start your career as a graphic designer if you’re imaginative, fast to pick things up, and enthusiastic about tinkering with the design. 

Video Content Editor

To create a release-ready clip that will grab viewers’ attention, video editors start with raw material shot by videographers, cut out unnecessary segments, splice together smaller segments, and add effects as appropriate. You need a nice laptop and solid familiarity with video editing software in order to succeed as a video editor.

According to Salary, video editors often make from $25 to $32 per hour, and you can anticipate a rise in pay to more than that within a few years. There are many content producers who don’t demand a diploma until they have a firm grasp of how video editing functions.

Therefore, if you can keep continuity and fluidity while editing and have an ear for syncing audio and visual elements, video editing will promise to be a lucrative job. You can use video editing software after just a short training from video editing courses.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager is in charge of creating material for social media accounts, organizing content, engaging audiences, increasing followers, managing campaigns, and establishing a course for brand awareness. Simply said, it enables brands to reach a larger audience on social media. Alternately, we may define it as building a specific community (to raise brand awareness) and/or attracting new clients along the route (to purchase certain goods like apparel or services like playing at casino sites at

The advantage of having marketing experience is that most regional businesses and agencies won’t expect you to have a degree if you possess experience and are looking for a well-paying position. These could be companies looking to hire you. The typical hourly wage for a social media manager, as per Indeed, is roughly $21, and it rises as you gain experience.

Artists Who Do Voice-over

The voice recording of the screenplay, which is typically provided by the employer, is typically the responsibility of the artists. The screenplay may be voice-over alone or may have commercial, educational, informational, and promotional elements. Later, your employer might utilize it as an audio file or incorporate it into a branding film.

You need to be able to read scripts clearly and fluently, have a great voice, a good microphone, a laptop, and a nice accent to be successful in this profession. Voice-over actors make, on average, $35 per hour, according to Indeed.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant, as the name implies, is a distant worker who assists employers with routine or unimportant duties. A virtual assistant’s duties include responding to emails, offering customer assistance, scheduling meetings, and handling small administrative duties. Your company might occasionally train you to carry out monotonous activities.

They only require a smart mind, practical familiarity with programs like Excel, and the willingness to commit over the long haul; they do not necessitate a college education from you. Simply put, individuals without specific skill-set knowledge might begin a job as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants may anticipate making about $17.33 per hour, as per Payscale. However, this may change based on your line of employment and where your firm is located.

Data Entry Expert

A data entry professional gathers raw data, organizes it in data management applications like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, etc., verifies each piece of information for accuracy, formats the data so it is readable, and examines the data for completeness. Professionals working in data entry need to be able to multitask efficiently and type with accuracy. A professional degree isn’t necessary, but having an understanding of data management software will help you wow the hiring managers and get the job.

A data entry clerk’s starting pay, according to Upwork, averages $13 per hour, with pay rising with experience. One drawback of being a data entry professional is that you’ll probably spend your days performing repeated activities, which can get boring. Operators in data input will make a good job choice for those who don’t mind.

Transcribing Audio Content to Text

A transcriptionist’s job is completely different from that of a voice-over artist in every way. Transcribers turn the recordings into writing form while voice-over professionals record the scripts. In essence, they are required to record what they hear.

The ideal applicant should be proficient in understanding accents, have outstanding typing speed, and most crucially, be able to complete tasks on schedule. Consequently, no formal training is needed.

The pay for a transcriptionist varies based on the work involved, but it is often less than for the other positions mentioned above. According to The Wary Worker, transcriptionists currently make roughly $11 an hour. However, if you’re just getting started, it can be far less than average—perhaps just $3.

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