Removing advertisement from Android App – AAR – Part 2 (No root Needed)

    In our Android Application reversing Using Android phone series, today we are going to talk about a method for removing advertisement from android app without root.

    Before starting I request all the reader to read Introduction – Android Application Reversing Using Android phone – Part 1. 

    Sometimes advertisement in android application becomes annoying so to block the advertisement we are using ads blocker application. But the problem is most of the ads blocker application comes with built in malware and hurts us more. So today we are going to reversing the android application and remove advertisement. Read the article completely for removing advertisement from Android app.

    For this article we will take File Manager Application from Play Store.

    Target: File Manager

    Method: Editing Layout

    Difficulty: Newbies


    Let us look on File Manager app first.

    Here we can see the banner app at the bottom of the app. Now lets remove this advertisement. For this there are two methods. Let’s discuss both method.

    Method 1

    Step 1: Download the application called Apk Editor Pro. After Downloading install and open the application.

    Step 2: After Opening the app click on “Select Apk From App”.

    Step 3: Then Select the app from which you want to remove the ads. In this case we will choose file manager.

    Step 4: Click on Full Edit ( Resource Re-Built)

    It will take some time to load depending how long is the code of application.

    Step 5: Now from the top center part of the application change its value to Default.

    Step 6: In the bottom of the application there is Search box Search for “ca-pub”. And remove the ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxx value.

    Now click on build and wait for its completion. Now install the apk that we have built recently and you found no advertisement in the application.

    Method 2

    Step 1-5: Same as Before.

    Step 6: Click on Files which you can find at the bottom of the application. Then Click on res then layout.

    Step 7: Now open every .xml file app to find the String called “Banner” or “ads” or something like this. IN most cases you can find it on main.xml and Activit_main.xml.

    Step 8: If you find it then you have to simply change the value of layout_width and layout_height to 0dpi.

    Luckily there is ads.xml file in this application so we don’t have to find it.

    Now build the app and install.

    Here is List of Known Ads to identify them easily –



    Now you have successfully removed the advertisement from android application without using any third-party app or root.In next part of Android Application Reversing using Android Phones series we will be discussing about How to remove pop-up message from android application.

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