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Rick Ross plans to release two albums and set up an unscripted series on BET


The biggest boss, Rick Ross, showed off his dance moves when he was seen vibing to Barrington Levy’s “Assassin.”

Rick Ross, seen wearing nothing but a pair of yellow loafers and his gray shorts with a bottle of alcohol, shows off his footwork as the legendary dancehall artist’s tune plays in the background. At first, Rozay enters the body with their obvious weight reduction success of hers.

Rick Ross has always shared his love of Jamaican tradition and has also traveled to the island where he held the Heineken Best of summertime contest in Jamaica in 2012.

Rick Ross had previously signed a Jamaican-born rapper named Magazine to his Maybach Music Group. The boys all came to Jamaica in 2012, where Rick Ross talked about having fun with Jamaica and including Jamaican flavor in his artist’s music videos.

Not only has the wheelbase been extended to equip it with an additional axle, the 6×6 pickup also has six-wheel steering.

  • It can even walk like a crab, as the company boasted on Instagram.
  • And Ross certainly didn’t hesitate to test it thoroughly.

The rapper immediately made a couple of donuts in the Chevy seconds after getting behind the wheel.

Another recent addition he brought out was another in his collection of many Chevys: a C8 Corvette.

Ross joked around on Instagram and called the car “Serena” because of its tennis-ball tone, a nod, of course, to the GOAT, Serena Williams.

The rapper’s collection primarily consists of a large collection of modified classic American cars.

Most are painted bright red like his 1959 Chevy Bel Air, which he most prominently had on display.

He had him pose with a fake tiger, no less.

If you’re a fan of all the fun Rick Ross has in his house in Promise Land, his new show is for you.

Ricky Rozay’s new series will reportedly follow his efforts in different outdoor and indoor activities. The name and release date of the upcoming show have yet to be announced.

Ross previously teased a show, saying, “I’m going to go ahead and make a show for myself. The time is now. It will be about wealth, based on success.” He added, “Actually, we’re filming right now, but I hope everyone is ready because I’m talking big numbers.”

Rick Ross is doing everything he can to make his home, The Promise Land, the place of his dreams. Rozay, who has already made headlines for her logging expedition, has now purchased a fire truck for the property.

“Growing up in Carol City, when the ice cream truck came down the street, we used to jump on the back of the ice cream truck and grab each other,” Ross said. “Fire trucks used to come by all the time. I always wanted to ride one of them. Guess what? I bought a fire truck. Is coming down!