Robotic Trucks

Robotic Trucks

Did you know that Uber was the first to make history by completing the world’s first delivery of 50,000 beers using a robotic truck? However, Uber has stopped the service in 2006 and decided to concentrate on robotic cars first.

The invention of robotic trucks had surprised businesses with quicker services, fewer expenses, and more profits. Delivery leaders started dreaming to be a multibillion-dollar company one day! US trucks almost carry 70% of the American freight but not enough drivers can keep their job for more than a year. Globalization has opened the doors for consumers to purchase more and truck companies needed alternative solutions to keep with the pace.

Not just trucks couldn’t deliver the high demand, frequent accidents cost the economy millions. To reduce human errors, experts came up with robotic trucks. No destructions, tiredness, or anger would cause impediments to delivering nor any accidental damages would sadden the economy.

The Good News

Plenty of noteworthy organizations have been releasing fully automated and semi-automated trucks. While robotic trucks are not certified as completely safe, a handful of surprising benefits have come along the way. Robotic trucks are likely to decrease accidents and save lives. The transport management system will keep the trucks in the right lane and at the same speed.

Truckers have to struggle with their sleep cycle and not enough of them can keep their eyes open. They constantly keep rushing on the roads avoiding other passenger vehicles. This is where robotic trucks prove to be more efficient and incredibly beneficial.

Greater customer demand calls for quicker deliveries. How do you tackle the traffic enemy? The robotic trucks are designed to drive through traffic-free roads and avoid congestions. Whether it’s 2 AM or 2 PM, robotic trucks will have no excuse to stop. Besides, the roads will bear lesser congestion as robotic trucks will drive in the middle of the night at most times. Fuel costs have its impact on manufacturers to consumers. The emerge of robotic trucks has almost decreased operational costs by 10%.

Take the Bad

Though autonomous cars have spread the light of hopes, robotic trucks aren’t doing the same. The massive structure takes way lot more time to brake and roads with constant stops are potential threats. The sensor camera placed on top of the robotic cars can be easily carried away by rain or blinded by the sun.

Most truckers are expected to lose their jobs if robotic trucks decide to sustain themselves. However, till now automated cars require a driver at all times to eliminate many other arising problems.

Final Thoughts

Legal issues still surround robotic trucks. For instance, who will be responsible for killing or an accident if robotic trucks take over the truck drivers? Until certain problems are solved, truck drivers will be a significant asset to the transportation industry.


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