Role of AV companies in promoting economic growth

AV companies

The role of AV companies in promoting economic growth has been significant. AV companies across the globe have been tirelessly working as that hidden enabler who enhances interaction and promotes businesses.

Imagine a tradeshow without those lights, sound systems or LED screens. Imagine a conference without an address system or a presentation wall.

AV solutions provided by these companies help present solutions, services and products offered by businesses to the world. They help present, promote, and sell.

Without an AV company a tradeshow, conference, or an exhibition event will be like a cinema without a screen and sound.

But after the COVID -19 lockdown scenario, the mega-events like a tradeshow, exhibitions, and conferences have lost relevance and so have the AV companies.

But some innovative AV service providers who traditionally dealt in AV rentals, AV production, lighting, and staging, etc have diversified into something meant for these new times.

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AV companies have come up with AV solutions like webcasting, streaming services, web-based video conferences, and other hybrid services. These services can help reach out to the world in a very innovative way without compromising on the health and safety of consumers and businesses. With these services, a business can showcase its services and products remotely. Special events like the launching of a service or product can be streamed to the world via the internet through multiple channels. Social media channels have become important in these times to reach out to people.

B2B approach can also find a voice through webcasting or streaming channels in the form of video conferencing and online interactions. Though these services existed earlier as well COVID situation has brought down all other popular means of interaction.

Day-to-day interaction can be held on a mobile device using messengers apps but larger interaction requires advanced and expensive equipment like a PTZ camera, broadcaster, lighting and sound system, etc. This is where an AV company comes into play.

A company planning to invest in AV equipment also has to consider the cost of maintaining this equipment and running it too. A trained professional who can operate and maintain such equipment will come with a heavy price tag. Considering the initial cost of equipment and the cost of trainer manpower, the AV services like streaming make sense.

The present situation that demands social distancing may not prevail forever. When things get back normal events like tradeshows, conferences, etc are going to be once again enablers of growth and once again AV companies will become the backbone of these events.

Right now it cannot be said for sure how long will these norms stay but till then AV companies can help in promoting economic growth by helping businesses reach out to the masses through new-age technologies like web-conference, streaming, and webcasting. Mass interaction events like tradeshows, conferences, meetings, B2B events, exhibitions, etc can use broadcasted using live media channels.

Many AV agencies can be found on google providing such services, but the company you hire must have the expertise and infrastructure to deliver what is required.

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