Role of the Internet during the Pandemic

The Internet has become the most important technology of today, this is because of its seamless inclusion in most of the tasks that we do. No matter if it is something related to our personal or professional life, there has some type of inclusion of the internet in them.

Well, the trend of the internet was already on the rise but the pandemic gave it such a boost that those who weren’t using the internet due to various reasons are forced to adopt this technology now. This is the sheer power of the internet in today’s society, and as we mentioned before the pandemic has a big part in this newfound influence of the internet on the world.

All this started back in the year 2020 when suddenly the world was gripped by the pandemic out of nowhere, an average flu-like virus that originated in China was considered pretty insignificant and no one paid quite an attention, well this was our biggest mistake. As in mere 6 months, this thing was spread from China to the whole world, and since the virus was contagious and was transmitted from person to person thus the immediate reaction to control it was to shut down places where there were people in closed vicinities, basically the whole world. This single move plunged the whole world into darkness.

Everything from offices to schools, business to stores, restaurants to cafes, and even parks to cinemas, basically everything was closed shut and people were stuck in their houses. Businesses and companies were at losses because whole operations were shut and employees were sitting in their homes. In times like these, many small businesses were permanently closed and those that were still open were barely making the ends meet. Countless industries like the hotel and restaurant industry, and particularly the cinema industry suffered a lot in these dark days.

However, after witnessing such situations and seeing no hope for normalcy in the foreseeable future, humanity turned to alternative ways of living. This alternate came in the form of the online world.

Internet and the Pandemic

Seeing the bleakness of effects the pandemic created, there was a need to find alternate ways to continue the normal lifestyle. This need created the idea of using the internet for various day-to-day tasks. And in no time, the internet proved to be that light of hope that everyone was looking for. People were working from home, getting an education, conducting business, and even getting the necessary dose of entertainment during the pandemic all through the internet.

Evidently, this saw a rise in internet users by quite a steep margin, as people who weren’t internet users before due to various reasons were compelled to use it due to its benefits and workings. In order to keep people facilitated and connected to the internet, the government launched grants and assistance programs to help people remain connected. Similarly, services providers like Charter Spectrum also pitched in to offer special discounts and offers during the pandemic and, as the pandemic is not ending anytime soon, the companies keep offering amazing promotions and discounts to the new customers.

And only because of these efforts a majority of people are able to afford the internet since the public is already going through a dire financial situation and is unable to invest in things like these in times when it’s even difficult to bring food to the table. Although, after some time when the economic activity is stabilizing, thanks to the internet the world see a new form of normal living in which there is a combination of digital and physical living practices.

How Internet Transformed the World during Pandemic

The internet brought changes in different fields of the world whether it was related to work or entertainment, the inclusion of the internet completely transformed the world as we know it. Here we are going to discuss some of those areas in which the internet caused a revolution.

Corporate Sector

This was one field that was already reaping the immense benefits of the internet but after the pandemic, the corporate sector completely shifted online. As offices around the world were closed and the majority workforce was sitting in their houses. This sparked an idea to allow employees to work from their homes using the internet for necessary communication with the higher-ups. This not only resulted in the resumption of corporate activities but there was a significant increase in employee satisfaction, as they were able to work according to their own schedule from the comfort of their houses without any worries.

Plus there were other benefits like cost saving of commute and other miscellaneous expense by the employees as well as the company benefitted by keeping the offices closed and cutting the operating cost by almost 50 percent.

Education Sector

Education was also the one that was most adversely affected by the pandemic because the closure of schools and colleges meant students were unable to continue their studies, and there was a growing concern of the whole academic year going to waste. In this situation, the internet proved to be the sole savior of the entire education sector by bringing the school to students through online means.

Although the concept of remote schools was not new, it was only implemented on a mass scale during the pandemic. Through video conferencing over the internet, teachers were able to teach a group of students or whole classes from their houses. Plus it was also convenient for students to just open their laptops instead of coming to school. Not even classes but exams were also being taken over the internet through online tools.

Entertainment Sector

The future of the entertainment industry also looked bleak with halted productions and closed cinemas. However, all this changed when an online solution in the form of streaming platforms did wonders for the entertainment sector. The movies that were halted due to the closure of cinemas were released on these platforms. There were hybrid releases where million-dollar films like Wonder Woman and Black Widow were released in select theaters and their subsequent OTT platforms.

Plus, people also got the necessary dose of entertainment in the shape of many original seasons and movies that were specifically made for streaming giants like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+. The love streaming got during the pandemic was so immense that the number of cord-cutters almost doubled as these over the internet-based entertainment mediums were not only content-rich but also easy on the pocket. Now it is estimated that streaming will take over the cable TV market as early as 2025.


This is a fact that the internet has proved to be a blessing for humanity during the pandemic as it has evolved our way of living. Even after when things are starting to get a little bit normal the trends that the internet started like work from home are here to stay. This was the actual power and influence of the internet which we only got a glimpse of during the pandemic.

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