Roll on the Floor with PutPut

Each generation receives many upgrades in their entertainment technology from their older generation. For millennials and even boomers, it’s hard to imagine what kept people entertained before media became a thing. For the younger generations, it’s hard to imagine what lives were without social media. And we cannot fault them for it. The internet has created such a stronghold on our lives that we cannot imagine our lives without it.

We consume a lot of social media content daily. It has been estimated that the average user has almost 8 social media accounts and spends almost 3 hours on them daily. Be it news, daily content, or anything, people get it from social media. And at the heart of it all are memes. Memes are simple funny images or funny videos that are used to convey the ideology of a general group of people, or used to relate to a culture or subculture that is relevant at that particular time. The sheer popularity of these memes has given birth to a lot of sites like KnowYourMeme, Imgur, and iFunny that provide a platform for users to share their memes. A similar new platform that is swiftly rising to popularity is PutPut.

Features of PutPut

Like any meme website, the memes on this website are absolutely hilarious. The structure of this site is quite similar to a lot of other meme sharing websites. However, it’s meticulously arranged structure is what separates it from those other websites. The range of its content is diverse too; diverse enough to rank it among the better meme platforms. Whether the memes are evergreen, or something extremely relevant, you will find everything on this website.

One of the best features of this website is that it actively allows its users to share their own memes. You can use hashtags like #PutPut, #LustigeBilder, #pr0gramm and more to ensure more and more people see your memes. You can access this platform in 2 very easy ways.

While the seemingly obvious way is to go the website, the other way is to download the app. Yes! They have an app for their platform too. You can find it on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once you go to the website or download the app, you can create your own account easily and start posting your content here as well. This platform also facilitates easy, hassle-free sharing of its content on Pinterest and Facebook, thereby allowing a larger audience to see your work.

The number of genres on this website is a pleasure to meme lovers. This is because more genres help us in finding the kind of memes we want more easily. On the website, you just have to look and select one of the genres or sections from the left side of the screen. There are various genres like Gaming, K-pop, pokemon, anime, and more. You can also search memes by clicking on the fresh or hot options which take you to the most recently uploaded and the most popular memes respectively. If you like the content of a specific creator, you can also follow them to see more. There is even a search option for people to search for the memes or people they want to see.


PutPut is a great platform which follows the norm of a general meme sharing platform but breaks away from the norms just enough to give you a unique experience that facilitates better propagation of memes. We recommend you to download the app from the respective app store because you won’t be able to get enough of the memes on this platform.