Room decor tips to inspire your child’s inner creative – Rugs and more


Your home environment can go a long way in inspiring your child to be creative and make them feel comfortable expressing themself in various ways.


Home decor can be used to help spark their imagination and allow them to develop their creativity in various ways, from spaces that encourage reading, to crafting areas for making things.


Rugs are a key piece of furnishing in any home. They make a space feel cosier and can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom or play area to stimulate their creativity.


Inspire through colour

Colour has a big impact on mood, and the right colours in your home can help inspire a creative environment for your child.


Various colours can help inspire different moods. Contrasting patterns and bright colours can be stimulating for a developing mind, while soft muted tones can make a space feel more soothing.


Colour is a simple and effective way of adding fun to a space. The inclusion of colours within your home decor can help inspire your child to be creative, and rugs are an easy way to add colour to any room in your home without having to repaint your walls.


Choose a rug in your child’s favourite colours, or allow them to help you choose a rug for their space. Though you should still consider how colours work throughout your home, to ensure you have a cohesive look throughout your home.


Shop rugs by colour to find one that will suit the area, and also consider patterns. A patterned rug can help stimulate imagination and creativity with floral patterns or geometric shapes.


Complement the colours in the rug with other decor pieces including throw blankets, cushions and artwork.


Your home is to be lived in

When choosing room decor for a child’s space, durability needs to be a key consideration. While your decor style may lean towards elegant and sophisticated, when you have children, you want them to feel comfortable playing.


A home that feels like they can’t touch anything can limit their creativity. Children are not generally known for being gentle with furniture, so make sure to choose furniture and decor that is made from high quality and hard-wearing materials.


A wool rug is often a good choice for a child’s room or play area. They are known for being durable, while also soft and cosy underfoot. A rug covers up hard floors, providing a soft and warm place to sit, lie and play.


When buying a rug for a child’s area, look for a rug that is easy to clean. Check the care instructions for how you can maintain the rug yourself, but with most rugs, it’s a good idea to get them professionally cleaned at least once a year (maybe more if your child is particularly messy). This will increase the longevity of your rug, and keep it looking beautiful for many years.


A rug will also protect the flooring underneath from mess and marks. You don’t want to worry about the mess and limit your child’s creativity, so choose decor that can stand up well against wear and tear, and will give your home a lived-in and comfortable feel.


Set up an area to let little minds create

You don’t want to limit creativity, but you also may not want your child to spread out their toys and crafts all over your home.


Create a space in various rooms in the home for your child to explore their creativity. Whether in their bedroom or the living room, create a designated space for your child to be as creative as they want. In different rooms, you may want to create small play zones around the home with various types of activities for your child to engage with.


Setting up an arts and crafts station gives your child a space to unleash their creativity, while also saving the rest of your home from the potential mess. Choosing brightly coloured decor for this space will help inspire creativity, but can also help disguise any accidental spills. A rug will protect your floor from texta pen marks or paint stains, though it may be best to avoid using a white or light coloured rug.


Create a cosy reading nook where your child can escape into another world. Whether you have a reading chair or a soft rug with blankets and cushion, you want this space to be comfortable and soothing, so they can curl up, or lay down with a book.


Make your home a more creative environment by incorporating creative elements and decor to inspire in each room. A rug can be an effective piece of furniture for injecting fun and colour into a space.


Allow your child to grow

When designing a child’s living space, you want to consider decor that will provide fun and stimulation, however, it’s important that your child’s room changes as they do so that it always feels like their space.


Without redoing the entire room, you can give the room an update with a new floor rug. As they get older you may want to allow them to choose a rug design for their own room, so they can create a space that is uniquely them.


With so many rugs for sale, it can be hard to find the right one, but when decorating a space aimed at inspiring your child’s creativity, these considerations should help you narrow down the options. Hali offers a wide range of rugs for sale that would perfectly compliment your child’s decor.





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