Root Good or Bad Decide Yourself ?


What is root?

Millions of devices in the world and none of the manufacture company does not give access to their system .In case of apple devices the process of getting access to the system is called jail break where in case of android is root.Make sure you backup your device before rooting.

super user root

Methods of Root:

1.With PC
2.From Android (Your own device)

Advantages of Root:

rocket your android with root

1.Lots of advantages you will find i cannot write them all but here are few and major advantages 🙂
2.Customization with themes if you do not like User Interface (UI) you can change like changing battery icon,network.
indicator you can change anything you like.
3.Full control over kernel like overclocking and under clocking CPU and GPU.

4.Can remove unwanted system apps.
5.Can install custom firmware, xposed installer, busy box etc.

6.You can fully backup your device.

7.Increase Ram ,extend battery life and many many many more.


What happens after rooting your phone?(Disadvantages)

1. At first your warranty is void that means you get no warranty if you have to repair your phone.
2.Malware can easily breach your mobile security but don’t worry unless you have not given rooting privelege.
and do not install unwanted apps.
3.You have read that rooting bricks your phone but only 10% is chance of bricking due to your mobile failure.
if you do correctly there is no chance of brick.
4.You won’t get any system updates that is what other say but don’t worry you will get but how follow the link below.

What I say is Root and be master of your device 🙂

Anything you want to know about rooting custom firmware or you got a boot loop or whatever problem you face with android feel free to share in comment we are ready to help you out.

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