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Samsung Galaxy A9: World’s First Quad Camera Smartphone


Hey fellas! Samsung has announced world’s first quad camera smartphone: Samsung Galaxy A9 a few days back in their official YouTube channel. We are gonna take a look on the news today in this article.

As the title suggests, the primary focus of the phone is in the camera. It seems like Samsung is giving priority to smartphone camera these days. They have added two extra cameras if we compare Samsung Galaxy A9 to the flagship Galaxy Note 9. So, lets have a look at the features of all 4 cameras present on the device.

Samsung Galaxy A9: Cameras

Ultra Wide Camera : This camera is supposed to help you to capture a wide angle photo. According to Samsung themselves, this camera can capture the view of 180 degrees and that is pretty cool.  It is of 8 mp.

Telephoto Camera : The telephoto camera on Galaxy A9 allows you to have 2 times optical zoom so that you can capture details effectively. It is of 10 megapixels.

Primary Camera : The primary camera on Samsung Galaxy A9 is of 24 megapixels with optical image stabilization which seems to be pretty good.

Depth Camera : Depth camera on this device separates background from subjects as a result you can click portrait photos.

These are the explanations of the camera. Moreover, A9 has location recognition, scene recognition to optimize colors and portrait selfies. Also this device will have following features:

  1. 6/8 gigs of RAM.
  2. Super amoled infinity display as Samsung likes to call their displays.
  3. 128 GB of memory and of course, it is expandable up to half a terabyte.
  4. 3800 mAh battery

And from the video it seems like the phone is coming in the color variation of black, blue, pink.

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Picture credit: Samsung


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