Samsung Is Reducing Smartphone Price

Hey fellas! Welcome to the tech news section of Thetechrim. As the news is that Samsung is releasing a new budget smartphone series, the M-series with the price being $20 to $30. Also, Samsung is reducing smartphone price for their mid range A-series.

In 2018, Chineese companies like Xiaomi and Huawei dominated the mid range smartphone market. But it seems Samsung is taking rapid measures to get back in the mid range party. With the low budget M-series and mid range phones, it seems that Samsung is focusing on Asian markets like India, China etc.

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How Samsung is reducing smartphone price?

Samsung has been using OLED screen for their midrange phones which led to make them slightly costlier than the Chineese competitors. So, Samsung seems to be using LCD screens for the mid range phones in 2019. The use of LCD will decrease the price of smartphones allowing Samsung to compete with other companies in the mid range market as LCD is cheaper to manufacture than OLED.

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