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Selecting The Best Reseller Hosting In 2020

Selecting The Best Reseller Hosting In 2020

By any chance are you a web developer or a designer, who is looking for ways to make more money?

I asked this question, because most of the audience comes from this category to me, to know more about reseller hosting.

If you fall into it, and already have some client base, then starting a web hosting business is very easy for you. Even if you are a tech graduate and planning to enter into the web hosting sector then starting a reseller hosting business might be a good choice.

So, let’s first understand what is reseller hosting, so that anyone who wishes to start their own business can easily do so.

Reseller hosting –

What does reselling mean?

It is a process from where you buy a product or service from the manufacturer (or merchant) and then sell it to your customers.

The same method implies to the web hosting sector too. Where you can buy web hosting from merchants like MilesWeb and then sell the same services to your customers.

Meanwhile, when you resell the service, you can set the price margin as per your choice, and make profits from them.

So, in case you are a web developer then you must be already knowing some basics about web hosting and believe me, this basic knowledge is very enough to start a business right away. If you are already into the website creation business then you must be having some client base, and all of them do require web hosting to hosting their website. So, you can become their one-stop solution right from developing and hosting the website.

The best thing about cheap reseller hosting is that you just need to buy a plan that’s it. There is no need to invest in infrastructure, database, employees, etc. as everything will be provided by your merchant.

At MilesWeb, they also provide customer support to their reseller hosting user, under the user’s name. That means, the vital and difficult task of providing the support also gets resolved.

Also, they provide a 100% white-label, that allows you to sell web hosting under your brand name.

Overview – MilesWeb

MilesWeb was established in the year 2012, by three experts with an aim to provide the best of the hosting services at a pocket-friendly price. They changed the hosting market with this, and thus soon became a favorite choice for most of the hosting users.

Till today they host over 20,000 websites and have become a popular web hosting provider in the industry.

The company has a global presence in the countries like UK, India, the USA, Australia, Canada, and Singapore.

All web hosting plans from MilesWeb are incorporated with a vast array of tools, that make your website quickly accessible to your visitors. You can get a website builder tool, 1 click applications installer, backup solution, etc at your fingertips.

MilesWeb is an award-winning supporting team that is available round the clock to serve their customers through live chat or email. The tier-3 and tier-4 datacenters provide 99.95% uptime.

Watch this video to get more insights about reseller hosting –

Reseller hosting offered by MilesWeb are :

1) Linux Reseller Hosting

2) Windows Reseller Hosting

Features of MilesWeb reseller hosting are :

Unlimited website hosting –

Every reseller hosting plan allows for creating a fixed number of cPanel accounts. But, under each cPanel account, you can host unlimited websites without any restrictions.

100% white label –

As a reseller, you get the complete authority to sell web hosting under your brand name with a 100% white label guarantee. The white label system also limits the visibility of your merchant company from your customers during the technical assistance also.

100% SSD storage –

If you prefer supreme speed like me, then SSD storage is a must. The traditional HDD drives make the website slow, whereas, SSD accelerates the speed by 20x the normal speed.

Web Host Manager (WHM) –

The plan comes with cPanel’s master management tool – WHM that allows you to control a few resources consuming sites. WHM makes it simple to manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc.

Free website builder –

Many of you might think, that you first need to get a website developed and then buy a web hosting plan. But, you can create your own website without paying anything extra to the developer. Yes, without any coding knowledge, the website builder tool allows you to create a professional or personal website. This is a simple drag and drop tool that also provides hundreds of free templates and plugins to use to create a website.

1 click installer –

Modification is the need for a website from time to time. Thus, MilesWeb offers a free 1 click installer tool – Softaculous that allows you to install more than 400 applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Customer Reviews –

Wrapping Up :

These reviews will definitely give you a better idea about MilesWeb and how it is easy for you to start a business with them. Along with web hosting, they also allow you to earn extra by selling domains and other hosting addons. This will be helpful for your customers and will yield high profits.