SEO And SEA: Comparison Of Their Technical Attributes

SEO and SEA are acronyms for search engine optimization and search engine advertisements. They both are very frequently used tools in the domain of digital marketing. Both of them centered on the same aim, and that aim is to increase the volume of organic traffic on the given website. Despite having the same aim, the working principle of both of them is very different.


Prime Difference In SEO And SEA.


SEO is a process that is used to increase the volume of organic traffic on your website. It works based on the fact that to search for any search engine like Google. You have to type-specific keywords. Whenever a user searched for any topic, it will display your website at the top among all search results if it contains a keyword that is similar to that of your website. On the other hand, SEA, also known as the pay per click method, is a process in which whenever a particular keyword is searched, for instance, guitar.


Among thousands of search results available on that search engine, your website will be displayed as an ad on the top of all the search results. It will be done if the user searches for a keyword similar to your website name or if your website has frequent use of that word. If you own a website that sells musical instruments and user search the keyword buy a guitar. In This Case, an ad for your website will be displayed on the top 3 or 4 searches. If its SEA has been done


If you are looking for immediate results, then SEA is a good option for you. It is so because it will start displaying your ad as soon as SEA is done. The point to consider is that in SEA, money is charged per click. Services of SEA will sustain as long as you are paying the money. The moment you stop paying ad for your website will no longer will be visible in search results.


Due to this, it is advised to prepare an insight about the time you want to use SEA. Because you will be charged as long as you will use this option. On the contrary hand, in the case of SEO, you have to money at the beginning only. It will perform the steps which are required to increase the volume of organic traffic on your site. It does so by optimizing the search results. Whenever a user searches using a keyword similar to your website, it will try to display your website among the top results.


The results of SEO are not as immediate as it is in the case of SEA. It will take some time to put your website in the top 3 or 4 search results, and it is not sure whether it will work or not. To get the SEO of your website done efficiently, it is advised to hire a professional to do so. Because doing SEO is a complex task and requires a lot of experience.


SEO does not provide a detailed analysis of the fact that searching of which keyword brought the organic traffic to your website. Whereas in the case of SEA, it is not valid, it will provide a highly contemplated analysis of the fact that which searching of which keyword planner is responsible for showing your website in search results.


SEO can help you in the long run, and SEA has its prime use for short term results. On using SEA, organic traffic will start vanishing as soon as you stop paying for the process. Due to this, your site will witness a colossal downfall in the number of visitors. In SEO, traffic will keep on visiting. SEA is useful for the initial thrust of a website. Consider you open a new website initially several visitors to your site is significantly less. Doing SEA will display an ad of your website in search results attracting some traffic to your website.


Once your website can build a large user pool, you can stop using the facility of SEA. After which you no longer have to pay any money. A similar feature in both of these traffic volume enhancing techniques is that they do not allow you to target specific keywords. However, in SEA, you can target some other parameters like you have the privilege to select the location, audience, language, etc. You can conclude this based on a study of previous statistics on your website.


You can check in the website reports that from which country the majority of your traffic is and which language they speak. It can help filter the locations where keyword planner you do not want to advertise, thus optimizing your cost.


Why Should You Use SEO And SEA Hand In Hand?


It is one of the golden tips used by most digital marketing experts. Using these techniques together is highly effective. For instance, you can Use the SEA to determine your user pool’s location, which is not possible using SEO. After getting the information about this fact, you can plan your SEO accordingly n this way. You can optimize the output from SEO.


It is one of the prime benefits of using SEO sea together. It can create a significant impact on people’s minds if you are using both SEO and SEA. It happens in this way; consider a given user did a search related to your website. As your website has undergone both SEO and SEA, your website will be displayed in Google ad and search results. It will create a positive image of your website among the user as it will make them think it is a credible source to visit.

Using both of these tools together can amplify the results very easily and proliferate the traffic.



SEO sea is two great techniques to enhance the volume of organic traffic on your website. Both of them have their uses and works differently to make your website popular.


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