Serverwala Japan VPS review: Is it a good hosting option?


Among numerous kinds of web hosting servers, a large percentage of online business owners are nowadays relying on Japan VPS. The foremost reason for this is that VPS hosting enables the effective performance of the websites at the cost of minimum service pricing. In this article, you will acquire insights into the best and cheapest Japan VPS hosting services provided by the industry-leading Serverwala web hosting company. However, let us first begin with highlighting details about the VPS functioning and the privileges as well as the benefits that its users can attain.

What is VPS Japan?

The VPS is a short notation utilized for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting makes use of virtualization technology. When a physical server is segmented through virtual software, it generates multiple virtual units known as virtual private servers. Each virtual private server functions separately and owns dedicated resources. You will not have to share your virtual space or the assigned resources with any other user sharing the physical server space. This will let you operate your server just as you can do with a dedicated server. You can attain the private, secure and isolated platform with the Japan VPS, which will enable you to host your website freely and flexibly.

Reasons that make Japan VPS a worthwhile option

Here are the key advantages you can gain with the virtual private server to host your business website-


  • You get the authorization of your server, which can enable you to customize as well as configure your server as you wish.
  • Your business website acquires a dedicated IP address.
  • You can host multiple websites with full efficiency.
  • Your website gets the chance to attain a much better SEO ranking by giving an efficient performance to the users and working at high speed under VPS hosting.
  • The VPS hosting is quite cost-effective and provides the privileges of the level of dedicated server hosting.
  • You get the secure hosting environment and get the possibility to add as many layers of data security as required.

Best features of Serverwala’s Japan VPS hosting

Check out below the significant features that Serverwala renders with its leading Japan VPS hosting service.

Full Root Access

Serverwala provides complete authority over your virtual private server. You can have full root access to your server. Further, this will enable you to run and manage your Japan VPS as per your business requirements without any confinements.

Operating System Choice

The root control of your server will let you install any operating system that you find most compatible with your website. Moreover, the company provides support to the two most prevalent and popular operating systems -Linux and Windows. You will also get the easy-to-use control panels respectively.

Self Service Portal

Along with the VPS in Japan, you will acquire all the control panel options to administer your server smoothly. With this, you will become capable of executing a number of tasks and routine functionalities at a time.

Supermicro’s Chassis

You will obtain the best state-in-class processor with the company’s Japan VPS. Moreover, you will have a SuperMicro blade for the VPS server monitoring and complete maintenance.

Advanced-Data Protection

The company’s Japan VPS is extremely compact with ultra-secure firewalls that ensure complete protection of your website’s data. Moreover, your website will acquire DDoS protection and other advanced security features, including data encryption and SSL security.

Simple Licencing

You will be able to acquire a low-cost license for your website along with the cheap VPS Japan server. Further, the company lets you achieve this simply with just a click.

Fully managed service

Serverwala makes sure to render fully managed and organized hosting services that also enable users to have an easy-to- use platform. The services will involve 24/7 server monitoring and spontaneous troubleshooting assistance.

99.99% Uptime Network

Your website will be able to obtain the maximum uptime network with the support of the company’s VPS redundant power and constant secure channels. This will also let you achieve high-tech network flexibility.

1 GBPS Network Speed

Your website will become capable of operating at the highest connectivity of 1 GBPS. Consequently, it will be able to deliver a twenty times faster connectivity experience to its visitors. Also, you will acquire unlimited bandwidth with the company’s VPS Japan in order to meet all your website’s necessities.

Top Tier Equipment

The company renders robust support through enterprise-grade hardware that helps in enabling your website to provide seamless performance. This leads to improved reliability with the virtual private server hosting.

About Serverwala

Serverwala web hosting company falls in the category of the leading data center globally. It is highly renowned for rendering the Japan VPS hosting at the most feasible rates. The company provides a robust infrastructure that is based on resilient engineering design. Moreover, you will obtain excellent on-premise support and server maintenance services through industry specialists to meet end-to-end solutions. The company ensures robust round-the-clock technical support. You can connect with the Serverwala’s experts via various communication modes such as Email, Live Chat, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. They will connect you with the solution in the minimum possible time.


With Serverwala, you get the chance to pick from a huge number of different customized plans and packages. This helps you acquire the most suitable VPS in Japan plan at every stage of your business. All the virtual private server hosting plans come at the cheapest price and high-grade facilities. Moreover, the company provides a high possibility for scalability. You can upgrade your server resources as well as plan when your website demands or you plan to expand it. Each VPS plan provides extreme flexibility in hosting a business website and comes with security as a service.


Linux Plan


Windows Plan

Customer Review

Customer review is the reliable feedback you can attain for the hosting services you are wondering to choose. It renders insightful detail about the company’s integrity as well as what level of services it actually provides. Thus, check our here the customer review of the Serverwala Japan VPS hosting services –



Serverwala offers its clients both managed as well as unmanaged vps server japan services. If you are a newbie in the web hosting industry, picking a managed VPS hosting solution will perfectly work for you. On the other hand, if you need complete control over your virtual private server and wish to run it entirely on your own, the unmanaged VPS hosting service is the choice for you.



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