Short Breaks and Weekend Getaways for the family on budget 

Whether you’re looking for a short break or a weekend getaway on a budget, this is a good  place to start to provide you with plenty of ideas to help you plan your budget-friendly trip.  From taking in the sights of cities to camping out under the stars, there’s something here for  everyone and all without breaking the bank.  

Take advantage of late deals – sometimes last minute offers can be great for those on a  budget, often offering discounts on accommodation, meals and entertainment. Checking  regularly for availability is a great way to get the best prices. Low season travel is also a great  way to save money. Prices are generally lower, crowds are smaller and the weather can  sometimes be better than in high season! 

A short break or weekend getaway is a great way to take some time away from your normal  routine and enjoy some quality time with your family. Generally, a short break or weekend  getaway is defined as a trip that lasts 1-4 days, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the  sights and experiences without having to sacrifice too much time off work. 

Is it really possible to find budget-friendly short breaks? 

Finding a budget-friendly short break or weekend getaway doesn’t have to be difficult. With  careful planning, you can easily find trips that fit within your budget. Here are a few  suggestions on how to help keep your travel costs low:  

  • Planning a budget-friendly short break or weekend getaway for the family doesn’t  have to be out of reach.  
  • Take advantage of late deals and low season travel to unlock amazing discounts on  accommodation, meals and entertainment.  
  • Pack light and stay local to save even more money without sacrificing quality. Utilising discount sites, websites and apps 

Utilising discount sites, websites, and apps

can be a great way to find budget-friendly short  breaks and weekend getaways. Experience Day sites such as WonderDays often have special  offers for accommodation, meals and activities that are often bundled into one offer.  Websites such as TripAdvisor or Skyscanner can help you compare prices on flights and  hotels in one convenient click. 

Real Life Example 

My friend John and his family had been planning to take a weekend getaway for weeks but  couldn’t seem to agree on a destination that fit their budget. They had looked at different  places, but none of them seemed within reach financially. 

One day, John stumbled across an advertisement for short breaks on a budget – late deals  and low season travel means amazing discounts on accommodation, meals and  entertainment. He immediately knew that this was the answer to their problem.  

He quickly booked the trip, packing light enough for the family of four and decided to stay  local so they could save even more money. The family was very excited about their  upcoming short break, especially because it didn’t break the bank!  

They arrived at their destination and had a wonderful time exploring all that it had to offer. It  was a perfect combination of relaxation and exploration, all while staying within budget!  John was glad he had found out about WonderDays – it allowed his family to have an  unforgettable experience without having to worry about money with the flexibility of having  12 months to book.