Should You Bundle Cable, Internet, And Phone?

When it comes to the internet, cable, and phone, should you get a bundle or invest in standalone services? This is a common question, and when providers proactively promote bundles, it leaves consumers in a confusion. Bundles are a great way to save on your monthly bill but they also have some drawbacks. Although it seems too good to be true having three services in a single plan, the pricing may not be right for everyone.

What are Bundles?

We already know that bundles are a combination of two or three services in a single plan. You get two or three services at a discounted rate. Bundles usually include a combination of internet, cable TV, digital phone, and sometimes, home security.

The prices of bundles vary from provider to provider and the features you are getting. A basic bundle will have a basic internet, cable, and digital phone. If you go for a higher-tier bundle, it will have a higher download speed, more channels in the lineup, including premium channels, and some new digital phone features. It all comes down to how much you want to spend on all three services combined. For example, the Select bundle with Charter Spectrum containing standard internet, cable, and phone costs only $99.97 per month. However, if you go for the Silver plan, it will cost around $124.97 per month. The Silver plan naturally has more channels and better download speed.

Why Should You Consider Bundling?

There are multiple good things about bundles. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a bundle:

One-Stop Solution: If you purchase all services that you need for your home from one provider, it will be quite convenient for you. One technician can come and install all three services. If you need any support, you can contact the customer service and get the issue resolved. Having separate services from separate providers is kind of a burden.

One Bill: Bundles are convenient because you get one bill that covers all of your services. You can pay the bill at once and clear your charges for multiple services.

Better Services: Bundles are customized so that people can get the best deal. If you go for standalone services, the prices are generally higher. Bundles help you combine a higher-speed internet, better channel lineup, and extra discounts on top.

Better Promotions: Service providers offer extra benefits to the customers purchasing a bundle. For example, in many cases, you will be charged $50 for installation with a standalone service. Many providers offer free installation with their bundles. The deals are sweeter.

Drawbacks of a Bundle

Contracts: Providers that offer promotions on bundle also require you to sign a contract. If you cancel your service before the end of the contract, you are charged an early termination fee.

Price Hikes: The promotions that you get with these bundles last for a year or two. After the promotional term ends, the price increases by manifold. One might argue that the prices go up in standalone plans as well, but if you are paying $50 for a service, paying another $15 for the same service after the promotional term is manageable. However, if you are already paying $140 on a bundle after taxes, paying another $40 on top makes it look painful.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Bundle

We are here to help you get the best bundles for your home. Here are a few things to consider:

What Services are a Must-Have?

Every household is different. Some have basic users who like to watch a handful of shows on cable TV and require a basic internet speed for emails and social media. Other households have a high-usage when it comes to the internet, cable TV, and digital calling. They require higher download speeds and a hefty channel-lineup. Therefore, you have to decide, which services are must-have for your home.

Monthly Fee

Try to calculate how much you are paying for the services right now. Figure out whether the new bundle you are planning to get saves you money. If it does, well and good. If it does not, you should justify it with higher download speed and a better channel lineup.

Secondly, always bear in mind that the promotion is good for a year or two. After the end of the promotional term, the prices will go higher. This change should ideally fit your budget.

Where do you watch TV?

Although cable TV has a lot to offer in terms of national and local channels, most of us don’t watch them. Instead, we prefer to stream an episode of our favorite show on the weekends. If you are using your TV to stream movies and shows mostly, it is better to leave cable TV out of your bundle. Just get high-speed internet and stream everything on different platforms.

Wrapping Up

Bundling has many benefits and a few drawbacks. Despite the obvious convenience, it is not for everyone. This post helps you figure out whether you should bundle your services together, or get separate internet, cable and phone services.

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