Signs You Need a Packaging Workflow Management Solution

Signs You Need a Packaging Workflow Management Solution

What is packaging workflow and the importance of its correct management.

The packaging workflow is a one all-in-all solution. It is a process that has multiple layers from the development of the products to packaging design. It includes prepress and press. Die cutter and gluer are also included in this process and with it all combined the workflow is established. The success of the packaging is essential for the success of the product because it acts as an advertisement. This is why managing the packaging workflow is one of the most important aspects for any business.

Some of the most important aspects of management for packaging are barcodes, ingredients and disclaimers. The management of barcodes is not only helpful with purchase and registry but it also helps to manage the supply chain. This in

turn helps with stock management and tracking. The correct disclaimers and ingredients labeling is necessary for the safety of the customer.

Signs you need a packaging workflow management

Packaging workflow can be a complex process that requires a lot of attention. A lot of times management on an effortless level is not enough. Businesses can lose their focus that can cause trouble. Let’s analyse in detail the signs that call for packaging workflow management for a business.

Unaware of files in the process for approval

The approval process can be rigorous. It involves many heads and your files generally go through from one head to the other for a final decision. It is a complex and time consuming process. Your artwork can go through the hands  of many approval stops like packaging coordinators and quality assurance people. It can also pass through design agencies and health authorities. Therefore, it is possible to lose track in this lengthy waiting game. With artwork management solutions , lasitlasar.pl it is easy to keep track and also set reminders about approval schedules.

Files are being sent by email for approval


Files are being sent by email for approval

Email is easy for any kind of formal contact. It is quick and easy. It also keeps a track of itself. So for any communication purpose email is a great media for business. However, for artwork management this tool may not be the best. Artwork can be in multiple emails where they are in different versions. The version you have may not be the most recent. Many may not even be aware of the most recent ones over multiple emails. If this is the case then your workflow is in serious need of management.

You lack the tool for accountability

 Accountability is an essential element for any kind of team building and improvement. It is also helpful to meet deadlines and put in the best work. When the artwork is managed manually accountability may be lost due to human errors like forgetfulness. It is sometimes hard to tell where there was a delay or missed stage gate. With a technological solution this can be avoided and there can be documentation that would allow accountability. There can be transparency and mistakes and delays can be traced back. This would make the process efficient and improved.

Unlinked departments

A business is made of any teams for it to function properly. Every team is created for a different purpose and looks after a different part of the business. However, it is important for these teams to interact with each other. These teams have to be linked to each other. If each team is an island then it can cause trouble for the overall workflow. This happens because current important news may not flow through from one team to the other. For example, if the design team is not aware of or properly informed about the task the marketing team is planning then the package design may not bear the best results in terms of marketing.

Your brand is not consistent

The identity of the brand of any business is the most important aspect. It is detrimental for awareness and visibility. Customers associate products with the brand which leads to trust and perception. They value your product through your brand. The branding also sets apart a business from its fellow competitors. This is why an inconsistent brand is not good for business. Every member of your team should be aware of what exactly your brand is in order to reduce any sort of inconsistencies.

Tips to overcome packaging workflow challenges

Packaging workflow is like any workflow with layers and steps. Relying on technology can help with management and provide solutions to issues. Nonetheless, there are some simple steps that can be taken to minimize issues with packaging workflow management.

Packaging Workflow Management Solution

Having frequent meetings can improve communication between members and also enhance the organisation of the tasks and developments. Removing contacts in the approval process and keeping only the necessary ones can save time and prevent members being lost and unaware.

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