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6 Easy Fixes : SIM Card not provisioned MM#2

SIM not provisioned

SIM card not provisioned MM#2 error is a very uncommon problem you will face because you can get this error time to time when you use newly registered sim because it takes time to register to network and even you get this problem when you are out of reach of your network provider.

What is SIM Card not provisioned MM#2 error?

SIM not provisioned MM#2 error is a very common problem which you will face when you are out of reach of your network provider. This error is not like other errors because it’s an error from the SIM provider side. So, you don’t have to worry about this problem and I will list the solution below. While having this issue you can’t be able to write text or call otherwise you can use anything which doesn’t require the use of the mobile network.

But this problem can be very annoying to the people who don’t have an idea about this error. So, you don’t have to worry because you can easily solve this error with the solution I have provided in this article.

SIM not provisioned
SIM not provisioned

The main cause of this SIM card not provisioned MM#2 error can be like misplacement of the SIM, out of network coverage area and your service provider is not available.

How to fix SIM card not provisioned MM#2 error?

The quick fixes of this SIM not provisioned MM#2 error are

  1. Restart your phone

    Restarting your phone is one of the easiest ways to solve this error. The restart will force delete all your background running applications and services and again we can restart them while will force the start and it can solve this error. Even restarting a mobile phone will solve half of the software problems until it has a problem with hardware.

  2. Reactivate the SIM card

    For most of the time, I have encountered this error most of the case was when I got the new SIM card. So, you have to check all the SIM like whether it is properly registered or not because due to huge workloads in the provider services we can get this issue, and even after 24 hours you still get this error then you can call your service provider and reactivate your SIM.

  3. Try that SIM in another device

    This type of error is the software errors like due to heavy workload mobile phones can’t handle them and we can get this tye of error frequently but it solves automatically but some of the issues remain which can be also solved by yourself. But rarely we may get the hardware issue like a damage in the SIM holder which can’t be fixed easily we have to take them to the repairing shop. So, you have to check in other devices whether it works in their phone or not.

  4. Contact your Service Provider

    If you don’t want to do anything then you can get the number of the SIM provider in the package of the SIM or you can get it on the web too. You can search them and you can give your details and number they may solve your problem from their side and you can just restart your phone and do your important calls and messages.
    If you are confused about your service provider then you can check through this site Welcome to

  5. Get a new SIM

    If you followed all these solutions and even if this doesn’t work then you can easily get the new SIM from the new service provider too which can give you better service and upload all your contacts to that SIM and use it. But I don’t think you will need to do this because it can be also solved from the above solutions.

What to do if this error still persists?

All the above solutions are tested and it should solve the problem and I am sure getting a new SIM will surely solve your problem. Or just call them with your details and then they will look into your SIM and get all the details and they will show you’re the problems and if they can they will solve from their side and even they will instruct you too, follow them it will solve your problems easily.
Even you can’t solve these solutions then I am sure you are having an issue with your hardware and some part of your phone is damaged you can take it to the repair shop and repair your phone.

This SIM card not provisioned MM#2 error can be easily solved if it is solved by taking proper care of your SIM card. So, if you have any problems regardless of this then you can comment down below, and if this solution helped you then do share this website with your friend too.
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