Six Crucial Aspects To Look At Before Software Localization 


Software localization services are impeccable to make the product available to people all over the world. Software is extremely significant to translate and localize into multiple languages in order to make it. Language is a barrier than often creates a hindrance for people while using it as they cannot understand the instructions and other content. Many times, interface layouts and small details such as measurements convention also happen to be a problem.

Software Localization

Software localization is different from the process of internationalization. The localization process deals with the adaption of the content and visuals as per the customer’s experience and demand in multiple languages. The same is the process with the mobile app localization services. Internationalization talks about the launch of a new product or application. Further, it is based on the culture language, and region. It also enables the localization projects and instead of coding language individually the process of internationalization also uses placeholder code to return.

Software localization involves the up-gradation of everything from the interface to the process of documentation to cater to multiple languages. This process also gets to examine the images and other formats that are linked to the software or by any means representing the content and category of the software. The localization of software or professional website localization should be adopted linguistically and culturally good so that the new user has an idea of where he feels the software or website was created for him originally.

Six important aspects to consider while carrying out the process of software localization are

Software text and content

In order to make the software user-friendly and to make it apprehensible for the target audience it is important that the customers and users understand the programming language. It is the key element of the localization process. The localization process is an extensive task, it requires minute details to be adapted even if it’s localized for the region which speaks the same language but the changes in the dialects and other language conventions are important to consider. There could be differences in the grammar spelling and a lot of other factors even in the English variants of American, Australian, and Canadian English. Therefore, the content has to support more than one language.

Information of website

Website information is another factor that localization experts should consider while carrying out the process. Professional website localization services are incomplete without adding proper text of the about section as well as the downloading software part is there on the website. The localization of website information is equally important as are the other parts of the project and not considering these may lose the value for the customers.

User interface and visual content

Graphical content is an integral part of software localization. The look, view, and visuals should be ethereal and eye catchy. It is the main content that talks about the software and its type so it should be relevant. A lot of websites contain previews of potential clients and reviews of previous customers so in order to make it all possible it is important that the media is present there in its localized version.

It often requires the mixing of logos, color schemes, and photos to get fit according to the culture of the region and its religious values. It is extremely important to consider the religious and cultural aspects.

Currencies, addresses, and date format

The format and writing pattern of currencies, dates, and addresses vary with the countries and the norms as per these are written at different places. This information is either part of the software content or website information. These hold great importance and therefore, require a separate section. Moreover, if the software is about a marketplace or mobile and if it has any relevance to the e-commerce website. It is even more crucial to get it right. Moreover, for an app localization service, things need to be clear before putting it on a landing page.

Search engine optimization – SEO

Marketing and advertising costs have gone higher like never before. It is a great idea to get benefitted from the organic reach through search engine optimization. However, it is imperative to be mindful of the fact that a foolproof and effective strategy should be adapted for targeting the new target audience. To make the software stand above and high, SEO tools should be placed rightly. Only then the users can brag about the trending software they are using among their family and friends.

Legal formalities

Legal affairs are also a significant part of software and website localization services. Taking your product to a foreign market with all its technicalities is not an easy process. Moreover, the target company could have different laws and regulations to practice concerning software localization. The companies have to ensure that they have localized the policies and worked on refund tax policies. This factor is important and crucial to consider or else a successful launch can be overshadowed by some breach or violation followed by court hearings.

Final words

The process of software localization is extensive and challenging and hence asks for particular research and homework. The localization experts and software developers should sit with each other to work on it and consider some aspects before finally working on the process of localization.