Six Ways you Can Style Any Clear Acrylic Console Table in 2022

Ways you Can Style Any Clear Acrylic Console Table

Console tables are an excellent addition to your home, as they accentuate any interior design language you already have. Plus, they blend nicely with your living space when you get creative with them. Today, you can find various lovely console table designs on the market.

A clear acrylic console table is perhaps the best option you can get, and for good reasons too. For one thing, they are highly durable, thanks to their plastic-like materials. With acrylic console tables, you wouldn’t have to worry about fragility like glass tables or wear due to exposure.

What’s more, clear console tables have a “futuristic” look. Since they’re transparent, you only get to see them when you seek them. Beyond that, clear acrylic tables stay out of your way, blending perfectly with the existing interior design.

However, as with most console tables, your lucite acrylic console table needs a unique style, one which evolves as your home decor does. Leaving them as-is might give you the feeling of a blank unfinished piece of furniture, which is jarring in most cases. 

How could you style a transparent plexiglass console table? In this piece, we’ll go over five ways you could try out right away and get the most value from your purchase.

Introduce Mirrors and Artworks

Console tables are fantastic in every house, but they need to align with the existing interior design as much as possible. You can introduce mirrors and artworks around your clear acrylic sofa table for a more natural look. 

Transparent acrylic pieces easily blend in with the existing background. You can extend the style further by placing a mirror or an art piece on the wall above the table to create an illusion of more space in the room.

Go Green with Plants

Any console table immediately presents the opportunity to improve your home design. Most people prefer to use them as the “anchor points” for their style. For instance, a minimalist tone and color would often start with nearly-bare console tables at strategic entryways. 

What if you want a more active role for your console tables? You could use them as a “little island” in your decor for that tasteful contrast. Having house plants and greenery around a console table highlights most home designs nicely. 

Donning a lucite console table with natural greenery is straightforward, as you don’t have to deal with any color or texture a regular table might have. However, your style choice shouldn’t include too many leafy elements, a vase of your favorite plant would do fine. 

Go Minimal

We might have hinted that a regular clear acrylic console table doesn’t need too many elements for styling. That might clutter up the table, or worse, choke up the space in which it sits. 

“Less is more” is a good philosophy you’d have to follow when styling a modern acrylic console table for the best results. But what minimalist technique can you use? Well, consider having all design elements in one stack on the table. 

For instance, you could have a stack of books with a reading lamp on top. While balance and symmetry are design fundamentals you could use in most cases, they don’t always apply to home designing, especially when space is the main determining factor. 

When styling your console table, it helps when you pick an offset position for your decorating components. Generally, setting everything in the middle of the table is a poor use of space. You could make an exception if the table is short-length. 

If the clear acrylic table is by an entryway or down a hallway, we’d recommend setting your stack closer to the table corner. 

Try the Asymmetrical Alternative

Styling your clear console table isn’t so much about the design elements as their placements. Generally, offset positions open more space on the table and the area around it. Should you want to take that up a notch, you can try laying out the table items in an asymmetrical way.

First, you’d have to group the items by size. Place the smaller ones in front of the larger ones. You may also group by colors if you’re aiming for a visually perfect result. 

Then, place each item group one before the other on the table. Ensure to leave a space to the side for each progression to achieve that asymmetrical look.

Get a Bench

As you style out your clear console table, items don’t necessarily have to sit on the surface as part of the design. That’s especially true if you’ve got many things you intend to place around the console table. 

The table itself could be in a position where you plan to use the surface for other purposes like a reading desk or a vanity station.

A bench can come in handy in such scenarios, as they allow you to declutter your table surface. Plus, they can sit directly under the clear console table, lending character while saving space around the table. 

In some minimalist setups, the bench completely replaces the console table. However, we think both can exist in your space with a complimentary style you’d love. 

Use Less Color

Color does give vibrance to an otherwise bland acrylic console table. But it can also detract; try not to use too many colors as you add items to your table. The best way to go is using a single color scheme

Your vase, planters, and lamps could have one color (we prefer lighter options) that dictates the hue on the table and around it as well.

Wrapping Up

Whether you prefer function or aesthetic style, a clear acrylic console table is perfect for your home’s interior decor. They’re transparent and need very little consideration regarding color and tone. 

However, you might still need to accentuate clear console tables to add more style to the area. Like most console furniture, a small lucite console table may need design techniques to make the most use of the space around them.

If you’re unsure where to begin, we’ve laid out handy tips that can help you get started.