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The Sleep Number Bed company has been around since 1987. In 2017, the company introduced its Sleep Number 360 smart beds that could be controlled via smartphone. This allowed slumberers to customize their experience on a Sleep Number bed from their phone and see sleep analysis data to help get a better night’s sleep. For those who ask adjustability and a range of firmness options, a Sleep Number beds may be a good choice.

The Sleep Number smart bed lineup includes nine different mattresses, all of which are malleable air mattresses. The company makes compatible bases for all of its beds, including malleable bases similar as the FlexFit 3 Smart Base, which comes with a bottom warmer and lighting underneath the bed. Sleep Number also sells wastes, robes, pillows, mattress cappers, and upholstered headboards.

 Fast Data

Sleep Number bed offers smart beds with firmness situations that you can change through its malleable air chambers

The beds sync with the company’s SleepIQ app, which controls the mattress settings and gives you substantiated sleep perceptivity

Sleep Number bed are divided into the Classic Series, Performance Series, and Innovation Series

Sleep Number bed says all of its mattresses work best when connected to Wi-Fi and used with the SleepIQ app

Sleep Number beds/mattresses are designed to give pressure relief through a customizable experience. Using the SleepIQ app or the remote control, slumberers can acclimate their smart mattress to come softer or firmer. The firmness situations, or sleep number, ranges between 1 and 100, with 1 being softest and 100 being the firmest.

Sleep Number mattresses can also automaticallyre-adjust the firmness position throughout the night by using sapience from the SleepIQ criteria and its Responsive Air technology. Responsive Air responds to changes in your resting position as well as air pressure differences due to temperature oscillations.

Sleep Number smart beds come with a remote control to acclimate the mattress’ settings. To get the stylish experience, still, Sleep Number recommends using the SleepIQ app rather to make any necessary adaptations to the mattress. That is because the SleepIQ app also monitors movement, heart rate, breathing rate, and sleep duration every night. From these figures, the app provides a SleepIQ score of 10 to 100. Scores over 60 are considered good for each sleep session.

Sleep Number beds come in standard mattress sizes similar as binary, full, queen, and king. The binary and binary XL sizes have one air chamber, and all larger sizes come with two air chambers, one on each side. The binary air chambers allow couples to choose their own favored mattress settings. When used on an malleable base, the split king allows each person to choose their ideal position independent of the other, from sitting up to fully flat. The FlexTop king mattress is a king-size mattress, but the top half of the mattress is resolve so that there are two separate upper halves. With the two upper portions of the mattress separated, both mates can change the elevation of the upper half of the mattress collectively to their relish.

The Sleep Number beds 360 series features nine mattresses divided into the Classic Series, Performance Series, and Innovation Series, and one memory froth mattress. The 360 c2 mattress is the most affordable Sleep Number smart bed and costs$ in a queen size. This malleable air bed, part of Sleep Number’s Classic Series, is 8 elevation altitudinous and features a 2- inch comfort subcaste. The most precious products are the 360 i10 Smart Bed and the 360 iLE, which come from the Innovation Series. Both cost$ for a queen.