Some More Basic Linux Commands

    Hey fellas! In this article we are showing you some new basic Linux commands not included in previous article. If you haven’t read our previous article on Basic Linux commands you can simply read it by simply clicking here.

    Linux commands are fun to use. Besides that they are so powerful that Linux is incomplete without them.This article is going to be short and simple covering basic Linux commands along with some explaination. So without further delay lets start with our awesome Linux commands.

    More basic Linux commands

    1. su/sudo : Either of these commands are used to gain superuser permissions. After you become super user you can control everything in your Linux distro.
    2. apt-get update : This command updates your system.
    3. apt-get upgrade : WE use this command to upgrade our Linux distro.
    4. top : Displays all running performances.
    5. ps : This command displays currently working processes.
    6. date : As the name suggests, it simply shows the date.
    7. finger user : This is one of the important commands. This command displays information about the user.]
    8. df : It simply shows the disk usage.
    9. du : Similarly, this command shows directory space usage.
    10. free : free command is likely to show memory and swap usage.

    So, these are some of the commands you are likely to use on a daily basis. If you have any queries on the topic and want some more articles related to Linux, feel free to comment below. And if you like our page, leave a like on our Facebook page.

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