Space Efficiency and Environmental Smartness With High Quality Balers

Waste management is usually a very time-consuming and costly problem for both commercial and industrial businesses. Large quantities of waste materials generally take up large floor areas, lead to difficulties in recycling and require a lot of time and money for transportation. An affordable answer to this is balers, which compress waste materials, such as cardboard, paper or plastic, into tight bales.

High quality balers allow companies to efficiently compress different types of recyclable waste and thus optimize their waste management. By sorting and compressing waste, businesses contribute to the environment, while saving space and reducing pickups and overall costs. Less transport also means reduced CO2 emissions, which is a win-win situation for both the environment and the business.

Vertical and Horizontal Balers for Compressing Waste Materials

Almost all businesses have to deal with waste management, and the way it is handled traditionally is usually costly, time-consuming and bad for the environment. Fortunately, new technologies are developed all the time. One such is balers, which allow businesses to carry out safe, clean and efficient waste management without the need for large storage spaces. Balers come in different shapes and sizes, but all compress waste materials, from cardboard to plastic containers, into tight, rectangular bales. The most common types of bales are the vertical and horizontal ones.

Vertical balers are the most common due to their small size. It is a relatively low investment, but you still get the important compressing done. Vertical balers compress materials vertically, hence the name, using internal or external cylinders. If you are looking for a baler cardboard or plastic, you will be well off with a smaller, vertical press.

Horizontal balers are more common in large industrial sites. They compress the waste horizontally rather than vertically, and can therefore compress much more and much larger quantities of waste. They require much more space and are much more expensive than vertical balers.

Make Safety a Priority

Using a baler for your business is optimal if you want your company to streamline its waste management. Recycling your waste is good for the environment as it reduces pollution, but using a baler is also time-efficient, space- and cost-saving. However, as with all machinery, you need to take precautions when using them.

Make sure that everyone on the site has received proper instructions on how to use the baler, and make sure that only those who are allowed to use the baler do so. Also carry out regular routine safety checks and ensure that the machine is well maintained. Look out for structural problems and exercise caution or suspend operation if something seems wrong with the baler. Today’s balers are safe and user-friendly, but there is nothing wrong with exercising a few extra precautions. In the end, that is what will serve you and your employees the best. 

Also make sure that the baler you buy or rent has a low noise level. Too much noise from the waler can be harmful to workers on the site, and wearing ear protection is not always an option.

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