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How to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software for Beginners

how to spy on an iPhone

Hello spying beginners? What was the last statement you heard about spying? Was it the hardest thing to do in the world? Did you need some education that would take weeks, if not days?

If all you knew is getting a recommendation to an IT guy in the neighborhood, shun that away. Here, we have a solution that requires your reading ability only. The only advice you will need is what is available on the main website to proceed.

We will be shedding light on how you can spy on an iPhone without installing software. Here is a guide on the simplest app to use as an amateur.

Part 1: ClickFree iPhone Spying Solution

This is an app that has been around for some time, helping millions of people across the globe. That implies you can be sure that ClickFree will solve all your spying questions. The reason why users love it is due to straightforwardness and numerous spying features.

Once you use it on the targeted iPhone, there will be more than 35 features at your disposal. You can use them to fetch and view everything from the phone remotely. We say remotely because you will not need the phone when viewing the results.

The same also happens when setting up the application. You will not need any jailbreaking, downloading, or installation to proceed. Altering how the phone functions will not be necessary here.

ClickFree has cutting-edge technologies that do not need any special skills that can void the iPhone’s warranty. Since you will not be installing anything, there must be a way out. It’s the use of the iCloud ID on the main website after registering an account.

That is the only thing this solution will require to spy on the iPhone. Before you proceed with the setup, make sure that the iCloud syncing is turned on in the culprit’s phone. Also, the two-step verification should be turned off since ClickFree is a third-party application.

Once you verify the iCloud credentials on the website, the dashboard will appear loaded with the victim’s phone details. Here is what you will be viewing on your end:

Part 2: ClickFree iPhone Spying Features

  • All the contacts saved on the phone
  • All the calls received, made, or missed. You will also see the participants’ contact details, timestamps, and the call durations. ClickFree can also record a live call too
  • All the outgoing and incoming iMessages. The contacts, timestamps, and any other attached files will be there. You will also get all the deleted iMessages
  • Real-time location of the phone and the previously visited places
  • Geofencing alerts when the target goes to specified zones
  • Social media activities
  • All the third-party installed applications
  • Calendar notes
  • Keylogger reports

There is more to do with ClickFree when spying on an iPhone. The rest of the features are already listed on the main website. Visit to see them all and also have a look at the demo page. As you spy on the data, ClickFree will never be visible despite revealing the third-party apps.

It has the stealth mode feature, which allows it to work in the background. Since there is no installation, the hiding mode is automated once you complete the online setup. You will also be free to view the information.

You only need an internet connection to log into your account. The dashboard goes further to be compatible with all browsers. So, after learning how to spy on an iPhone with ClickFree, you can access it anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Madrid or Melbourne.

The spied data is always under heavy security. ClickFree does that by using its cloud as a syncing medium and not a storage unit. So, anyone accessing your account illegally will not find anything in there.

Part 3: How to Spy on iPhone Using ClickFree


  1. The iPhone should have iOS version 7.0 or later. Get the iCloud ID
  2. Proper internet connection
  3. A working email address

Steps to Start the Spying

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the ClickFree website using your email address and a password. After that, select the bitten apple icon and proceed to pay for one of the best plans.

Step 2: Once the transaction is complete, you will find an email with all the confirmation details. When you see it, login to your account and verify the iCloud ID.

Step 3: Next, select the device you want to spy and wait for the synchronization to complete. The dashboard will then appear with all the features you need on the left menu. The central panel will host the iPhone’s summary.

To spy on the information, use the elements in the menu.

Part 4: Why is ClickFree the Best iPhone Spying Solution for Beginners?

There are a few apps that can also spy on iPhones without installing software. In most, however, you may need to deploy other skills that are never advertised on the app’s ad or website.

So, not all will claim to spy online will do so smoothly. On the other hand, ClickFree assures you of the following:

  • Complete stealth mode. That means the culprit will never be aware of your spying ways
  • Quick setup process that will take five minutes at most
  • Real-time results in your online account
  • No jailbreaking, download, or installation whatsoever
  • Presence of cutting-edge technologies
  • No malware introduced on the victim’s iPhone
  • No battery drains as you get the information online
  • Remote uninstallation via the control panel. You don’t need the phone to get rid of the solution
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Budget-friendly prices that do not involve any hidden costs


Now, as a beginner, you have a sure way to spy on that targeted iPhone. Proceed to get its iCloud ID and try it on ClickFree’s main website after creating an account. After that, you will never have to worry about the phone or the target.

To get started, you only need the instructions above.