What Do I Need to View iMessages on a Target’s iPhone?


Has your spouse started going on mysterious official trips too often? Is your child becoming aloof? What’s going on with that employee who’s always receiving important calls? Whatever the reason you need to view someone’s text messages, this is the best guide for you.


Every day millions of people spy on their loved one’s smartphones and tablets. After all, SMS chats are the true source of information about anyone! Thanks to advancements in technology, nifty phone monitoring solutions present the easiest way to spy on text messages.

However, with so many similar apps out there claiming to be the best, the most logical question that arises is how to pick the most suitable app, and most importantly, do spy texts really work?

To answer that question, we’ve prepared a detailed guide that’ll help you view your target text messages. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s start learning.

Part 1: How to Choose a Reliable Text Messages Interceptor 

While several apps out there boast of providing brilliant phone monitoring capabilities, only a few of them provide solutions that actually work, and you can trust. In most cases, the scam apps collect your data and sell it to third parties or don’t offer anonymous spying. 

For those reasons, you need to do careful research and note certain aspects that can help you choose the right text spying tool/app. Ensure you choose a text spy app with the most impressive set of features on offer.

Learning from other users’ experiences can prove to be beneficial when investing in an iPhone spy app. You need to pick an app backed up by the greatest number of positive reviews and testimonials. Consider how they speak about the app’s reliability and efficiency.

The best app would check-out these features:

  • Enables total anonymous iPhone text spying
  • It doesn’t need special permissions.
  • Let you spy on a maximum number of things.
  • Keeps your personal information private
  • Allow you to try it out for free.
  • Offers powerful features at a pocket-friendly price

Where can I get an app with all these features? Worry not. We’re happy to introduce you to FoneMonitor solution, one of the best text spy apps you’ll ever encounter.

Part 2: FoneMonitor – The Only Answer to Text Messages Monitoring Need

The most effective way to read someone’s iPhone iMessages is using FoneMonitor. Having served millions of users in more than 190 countries globally, FoneMonitor is a leader in the phone monitoring solutions market.


Even large corporate houses, including BBC, Forbes, The New York Times, Journal, and more, acclaim FoneMonitor as the best, offering Steller spying features ever designed. This app makes it to the top of our handpicked list because it’s impossible to detect, works remotely, and offers cutting-edge features.

How does this work exactly? FoneMonitor for iOS is a web-based app. That means you don’t need to download any software to your targets’ iPhone. The app works with his linked iCloud account instead. All you need are the iCloud credentials used on it, and the app does the rest. 

Get more information about setting up FoneMonitor on the target iPhone by visiting its official website. Once you get the app up and running, it gives you full access to someone’s iMessages:

  • Read iMessages remotely: With FoneMonitor, you can read all incoming and outgoing iMessages. The app uploads all messages to your private dashboard, which is easily accessible from your web browser.
  • View timestamps: Every iMessage will be accompanied by a time and date entry, so you will always know when an important conversation took place.
  • Check contact details: Who’s your target texting? You can get details like full names, email addresses, locations, display pictures, and even job descriptions.
  • Archive messages: FoneMonitor also gives you the ability to archive messages. You’ll also have a copy of all the messages sent out from the target smartphone or tablet.
  • Find deleted messages: If your target deletes a sensitive message, FoneMonitor will still retrieve deleted messages! The app backs up messages in real-time before they get deleted, so if your spouse is cheating, FoneMonitor stores every detail for you.
  • Download Multimedia Files: Any files exchanged, including photos and videos, is a vital part of an entire conversation. FoneMonitor allows you to download these files.

You get regular updates about the iMessage activity, depending on the update frequency you set. Other than iMessages spying, you can use FoneMonitor to look at the target phone’s call logs, social media activity, photos, GPS location, and many other things.

Part 3: Why FoneMonitor is The Best iMessages Tracker on The Planet?

No Jailbreak

If you use other spy apps, not only do you need to install software, but you also need to jailbreak the target device. It’s a complicated process that voids the device warranty and may cause data loss. FoneMonitor, however, is an advanced app that works fully without jailbreak.

The app is genuine and protects your privacy

Using FoneMonitor, you’re assured of zero risks. It’s a genuine app that’s user-verified and trusted by millions. Plus, the app doesn’t store any information on its servers. As a result, personal data remains confidential, and there’s no danger of being shared with anyone.

Impossible to detect

FoneMonitor for iOS is a remote, web-based app. It works remotely in stealth mode with no physical trace of the app, and the user can’t detect it! All messages are backed up automatically to your private FoneMonitor dashboard.

Offers multiple features

FoneMonitor is a full-fledged spy app and not just an app for reading someone’s iMessages. It offers over a dozen unique features in all. You can essentially monitor everything someone does with their phone 24/7.

Pocket-friendly price

Most spy apps are expensive. Fortunately, using FoneMonitor won’t cost you a bomb. It offers 35+ powerful features at a much more reasonable price.


If you followed the factors we mentioned carefully, you would realize FoneMonitor ticks all of them. The app has over 35 features that can help you achieve superior phone spying without putting in much effort. It is reliable, affordable, and fully risk-free, so don’t hesitate to use it.

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