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Steam 0 Byte Updates [ 6 Easy Solutions – FIXED]

Are you facing the issue  “ Steam 0 Byte Updates ” while updating steam? Steam is one of the best online gaming platforms where we can get many paid games and free games which is very interesting and addictive. We can get most of the popular games on steam. It is reported that it is one of the gaming platforms that have many users. Even though it is the best online gaming platform and the platform with a large number of users, users still get different issues, and the steam 0-byte updates are one of them.

What are Steam 0 byte updates?

Steam 0 byte is a problem related to downloading games on your system. It means you are unable to download your games, and it’s stuck at 0 byte /second, claiming there is no enough space on your disk while you have enough space clearly. If the steam download goes to 0 byte, it may be due to an internet connection, your download cache.

How can you solve steam 0-byte updates issues?

Among different errors and issues related to steam, here we are discussing solving the steam 0-byte updates issues. The solutions to your problems are listed below:

Solution1: Check the internet connection

  1. Open your internet browser and check if the web pages open without any problem and error.
  2. If it doesn’t run smoothly, restart your router or modem.
  3. Instead of wifi, Try using a wired connection directly from the router to your computer.
  4. Pause and then again resume your download after a certain time.

       Most of the time, it’s your internet connection so,  first, check all the components of your internet and system.

Solution2: Clear download cache

Your download cache might be full, which can cause download errors so to delete the cache follow the following steps.

  1. Open team app.
  2. Then on the top left corner, click on the steam button and then go to downloads.
  3. Now click on clear download cache.
    steam 0 byte updates issues

    This might also help to solve your problem.

Solution3: Disable the automatic detect setting

The steps are as follows:

  1. You can directly search the internet options.
    steam 0 byte updates issues
    Internet Options


  2. Then you need to go to connections.
    steam 0 byte updates issues


  3. Then, you need to go to LAN settings.
    steam 0 byte updates issues
    Automatically detect settings


  4. Then you need to enable the automatic detect settings and click on OK.
  5. Then restart your steam, and it should work.


  Solution 4: Flush the steam configuration and DNS

  1. Click the widows +R key to open the run dialog box. Then type ipconfig /flushdns and click ok. Then a box will appear, and DNS will be flushed out.
  2. Then enter steam://flushconfig in the run box and then click ok.

    steam 0 byte updates issues

After this, you can check if your 0-byte update problem is solved or not by again downloading.


Solution 5: Disable the internet flow control of your Ethernet

  1. Open device manager from the search.

    steam 0 byte updates issues
    Device manager

  2. Click on the network adapter, then right-click on your network and select properties.

    steam 0 byte updates issues
    Network Adapter

  3. Select an advanced option and click flow control and disable it.

    steam 0 byte updates issues
    Disable Flow Control

  4. Save the changes and try downloading your games. If it works great, enjoy your game, but if it doesn’t, make sure to change your setting to the previous one.


Solution 6: Disable the diagnostic tracking service

  • Press Windows +R on your keyboard and type taskmgr in the Run box, and press enter.

    steam 0 byte updates issues

  • Choose services tab.
  • Search daigtrack. After finding right-click on it and choose stop.

    steam 0 byte updates issues

  • Open steam and try your download again.


I hope the information was helpful and it might solve your problems. These issues might occur because you know steam is a very big online gaming platform and we can see this type of technical issue time and time but we can solve this issue if we follow the above 6 steps, your steam 0-byte updates problems will surely be resolved. Try those steps properly. If this helped you do share the article so everyone can help each other.  Also, if you are a student do read on how to create a free Edu email to get student benefit service.


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