Steps to improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Steps to improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)

The FCR is the acronym for “First Contact Resolution”. This is one of the indicators most coveted by service agents, as it indicates the rate of resolution of the situation in the first contact. It is very important to improve the First Call Resolution you are using for your business. Here are some steps to improve the FCR.

FCR rates should be presented in real-time

Getting an FCR rate presented to someone they did last month or last quarter is historical information. Providing agents with up-to-date FCR information allows you to manage an agent based on current activities properly.

Should be used for direct agent incentives

If you’ve done the first seven things, you should start to use these FCR numbers to incent your agents. FCR behavior is what you want to improve in your business because it’s what the customer wants – to have their call resolved – and it’s what you want – to not require that subsequent callback or lose that customer.

Repeat reasons should be accurate and manageable

The accuracy of information needs to be in the 90 / 95 percentile or greater. Contact reasons must be tracked and managed accurately in the contact center through a combination of education and audit. Agents will often enter incorrect contact reasons because a) the contact reasons don’t make sense or are too complicated, b) it takes too long, or c) they don’t care.

Supervisors should use FCR information for coaching agents

Once you understand the contact types an agent has an issue with; you can provide coaching on the specifics that they individually have the biggest problems with – complete with actionable examples of what they did and how they can improve.

FCR improvement should be ongoing and sustainable

All too often, FCR is a series of projects or an ‘initiative.’ Properly implemented, it should be an ongoing management tool that provides easy access to the reports and information you need to track performance and make corrections. Imagine if you only received information about how well you are doing twice a year based on a sample of your vendors as part of your budgeting process. It would make managing the business very difficult. But since money is important, multiple reporting mechanisms in place provide fast and detailed information about your budget performance. This same capability should be carried across to your contact center performance, and then it can be used consistently and repeatedly to improve your operations. With auditable FCR detail – in a form you can use daily or hourly, you have the information you need for sustained FCR improvement.

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