Take a look at Benefits of Outstaffing/ Outsourcing during crisis

I have always expressed my concerns a lot before the negative change of the world economy, as well as the safety of international customers. In every topic, I always have suggestions for you so you can feel more confident going tech transfer. So, in this article, I will show you what are the benefits of conducting software outstaffing or outsourcing during the crisis period.

Why should we conduct outstaffing/ outsourcing?

In the midst of an era that emphasizes the ‘distance to keep personal health safe’ as it is today, actually gathering with so many people in a confined space is something quite scary. Of course, the Covid-19 () pandemic has been raging in many places but has been controlled in some countries; but the number of safe countries is actually not much; And therefore, we need to consider carefully before meeting, going to public places, crowded…


In addition, a remote dedicated team will be a perfect choice if your in-house staff does not have many opportunities to rub new techniques of their field of expertise – here in particular the public sector/software technology. When your business does not have the talent to recruit and maintain a technical department – modern computer technology, but actually you only need to implement a technology product project, the software outstaffing plan. / outsourcing is really the perfect choice.

Benefits when going Outstaffing/ Outsourcing during the crisis period

While the global health safety situation is still a huge question mark, we really do not know what surprises await before the Coronavirus vaccine has yet to be found.

So, when we think of the plan to go outstaffing / outsourcing software, we have 10 benefits as follows so you can see the most general picture of the upcoming project:

Shorten the recruitment process, simplify the pay process

No need to invest in infrastructure, recruiting and maintaining the department

Focus on business strategy

Easy to expand product model

Let professional engineers share the risks of the project

Easily get access to talent pool


In fact, the outstaffing / outsourcing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outsourcing) model has existed for a long time and gradually become popular worldwide. In countries with strong human resources in the software development industry such as India, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, etc., they are always trusted and exploited by these developing countries. Although there are some cultural difficulties, time zone or language differences, this can become one of the best decisions you make for your business in the current scenario.


And obviously, if all you need from the outset is just the quality of the work, along with a talented team of talented engineers for a certain time, the more you should consider using outsourcing software to save the cost of hiring, training, establishing and maintaining an entire department / division. That is why our software development team is always paying attention to updating new technology trends, focusing on improving technology to bring reliable support and launch new products with well-qualified software products for all our clients.


Thanks to a team of talented and experienced software engineers, Saigon Technology we can confidently meet high standards and provide expertise, regardless of market changes.


However, before each project, the concerns about the issues will always arise as much as the benefits that are exposed. We understand that very well. But because this article only focuses on benefits and factors that affect the economy and prosperity of the world, just discover this software outsourcing bible for more details.


Crisis, what can we do to cope in the upcoming time?

The term “crisis”, whether alone or together, will bring a less positive meaning. And so in this age!


The year 2020 has not started very well with continuous ‘lockdown’ from cities and major economic centers of nations. Not to mention the number of infections and deaths that are beyond the control of experts because until now, we have yet to find a suitable vaccine. 


According to the International Monetary Fund (https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WEO/Issues/2020/06/24/WEOUpdateJune2020), all countries, including those that appear to have peaked in cases of infection, should not be subjectively loosened in community protections. It is advisable to ensure that health care systems are adequately provided and always in a state of readiness.


Although there are many possible scenarios for mankind, whatever it is, the world’s number one priority is health safety (https://www.redcross.org/get-help/how-to-prepare-for-emergencies/types-of-emergencies/coronavirus-safety.html).


We cannot overcome an economic crisis by losing our physical confidence, and the internal health of our minds and bodies. No matter how much life we need, the most important thing for us to truly live is health. Therefore, do not be subjective, keep the rules to protect yourself, stay healthy by all means and follow recommendations from WHO, or from the government.

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