Tasting Trips and Tours Guide – Take Your Tour to the next level

Are you waiting for the right time to take your wine tour to the next level? Now, your wait is over. We will discuss some beautiful and memorable places to make your tour special. At these places, you will get the premium flavor and smells of wines. So, let’s explore our guide in-depth to learn about the popular types of wine and their tasting level in detail:

Lake Garda

When we talk about a tour to Italy, we can’t deny many amazing regions of wine. Don’t miss to travel to Lugana winery of Lake Garda. However, Italy is popular because of the production of red wine. But you can also explore wineries making white wine from Turbiana grapes. 

The taste of Turbiana grapes is crispy and fruity. So, these make refreshing wines that enhance the mood. In this region, you can enjoy risotto, tench, and rabbit with white wines. To enjoy lakeside dreaming, you can explore many boutique hotels. 


Burgundy is the historic part of France where wine is produced. But still, many people visit this place with full energy to enjoy wine. They also travel here to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Beaune. This town is surrounded by many amazing vineyards. No doubt, the wineries of this town are famous throughout the entire world.

It is a place from where you can easily reach different wine villages. These include Corton, Pommard, Meursault, Savigny and Santenay. You will find many charms in these villages. 

You can enjoy many dishes and take a wine tour with famous types such as Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq Vin, and Escargots, with sublime wines in these regions. 


Hungary has almost 65,000 hectares where wine is produced. So, tourists must visit Budapest to reach each wine area. Besides, they can also taste the different flavors of grapes. When tourists visit the green valley, they can enjoy cherry-scented wines. They can also explore different traditional wine-making methods. 

You should also visit the Buda castle district. It looks like a luxurious and magnificent building. At night, you can see the golden glow of this building. So, it looks like a glittering Danube. 

Rias Baixas

Rias Baixas is the best place for tasty, fresh, and salty wine. A tourist must visit Albarino to taste the different flavors of the wine. This area is rich in bright green hillsides and coastlines. So, it is also called green Spain. It is located in the part of the northwestern country. Tourists can explore sandy beaches and mussels during winery visits. 

Final Verdict:

We have discussed some important places for wine tours. However, the innovator of wine and its trade in Europe. 

So, no one can deny that Europe gave an idea for wine tourism. European wine tours are famous in different countries of the world. These include France, Italy, Portugal, and more. All these countries allow tourists to explore more about wine culture in different regions.