Techniques that Hackers use to earn money from website (Top 3 methods in 2018)

Technique hacker use to earn money from website

Today we are going to discuss how hackers can use hacked website to earn money. There are several techniques that hackers use to earn money from website but we are discussing only about must used one in 2018. Before staring this topic let me make clear that all hackers are not bad. Hackers are of two types , they are:


These guys are the good guys which stands on the sides of the law. These guys make money by working for companies and websites and even the government for protection and encryption against the bad guys.


These guys are the bad guys. They operate on basis of their organization and interests. There are millionaire hackers who helps big mafias in ATM THEFT AND identity theft(these pricks can even hack CCTVs and jam security gimmicks).And even homeless ones who hacks Facebook and other personal information’s for just a few bucks.

Now you get concept about different types of hackers. In this post we will focus on techniques that black hat hackers use. We have listed the top 3 methods as below:

1. Selling users personal data:

Among the different techniques that hackers use to earn money from website selling the user data is most preferable one. As these data can give them pretty descent money. According to report, the data of 50 people is leaked online in every couple of minute and on average hacker earns $40.30 every hour by selling this data.

When hackers get access to your website the first thing that they do is see and store the users data (like email, username, password, phone number, credit card details etc.) of your website. These data are brought by different organizations for their personal benefit in huge amount. There are thousands of organization who buys these types of data which can be found on Dark web.

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2. Ransomware:

Ransomware is another among the different techniques that hackers use to earn money from website. It is an especially nasty attack that holds your data hostage until you pay the attacker a fee. This fee can be anywhere from $50 to several thousands of dollars. If you don’t pay, usually the attacker continues to increase the fee until you are forced to wipe your server’s hard drive and start over. Unless you have a backup, ransomware is an incredibly expensive malware to have on your server — both in terms of recovery time and lost data. Ransomware is becoming quite famous to hackers. According to report, In 2018 Ransomware has increased by 350 times than that of 2017.

3. Placing ads on website:

Use of this technique is decreasing day by day. But still this is the most common technique that hackers use to earn money from website. When hackers hack the website, they view the source code of the website and place their scripts for the ads in hacked website. So when visitors visit the hacked website they see some ads on the website or they are redirected to some other website containing ads. The use of this technique is decreasing day by day as using this technique hackers can make only few bucks.

This is the end of article. Hope you get concept on different ways that hackers uses to earn money from hacked website. If you like the article share it with your family and friends and don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

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