Temporary phone number what is it, where to get it and how to use it?

Most social networks require a phone number when registering. But what if your number is already linked to another page? Do I need to buy a new SIM card? No, in such a situation, health a virtual phone number for receiving SMS will come to the rescue.

And you can order virtual numbers on various services, here is one of them Its scope is not limited to social networks. The number can be used to register on various sites, forums and platforms, where, for example, a new user can receive discounts, as well as to boost likes and views. 

Virtual phone number – sounds a little unusual. But at its core, this is the same telephone connection, only with some features and a lot of advantages. The main advantage of virtual telephony is the savings on international and city calls. In addition, it opens up a lot of opportunities to promote and improve your business.

Such a service as renting a number for calls is necessary to receive incoming calls and SMS messages, as well as to make calls within your city or to remote countries of the world. At the same time, the virtual sim has no connection with VoIP or softphones – you will receive calls, just like on a regular mobile phone.

What is disposable phone number for?

There are many reasons why you should use this communication service:

  • Your business can only benefit from such calls. Especially it is necessary to rent a virtual number for those who conduct their business in other regions or even countries;
  • For registration on various social platforms, online stores. You can register many different numbers and you will not be pestered by spam;
  • Many paid services offer to use their services for free for one month. You can register a new number each time.

Renting a temporary mobile number: advantages and features

Today, many people decide to rent an online number, as it has a lot of advantages:

  • Typically, telephone companies charge extra for a service such as forwarding incoming calls or sms from your home phone to your mobile phone. An online number is convenient in that you can redirect to any device at standard rates;
  • The main advantage of VoIP providers over traditional telecom operators is that there is no need to sign a long-term service agreement. You simply activate telephony and use it. If you no longer need this service, you can stop using it at any moment;
  • Usually telephone providers do not allow you to save your phone number if you move to another country, for example. With virtual telephony, this problem will disappear by itself;
  • You can specify the virtual number of your company in business directories, and therefore customers or partners can quickly find you.

Thanks to virtual numbers, multiple anonymous registration is possible in:

  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • TikTok;

on other Internet sites and online portals.

You can rent a room on the service both for one time and for a long time. It cares about the quality of its services, therefore, when renting a large number of rooms, it provides an individual discount.

It is worth remembering that all rented numbers cannot be used in activities, which contradicts the law, any fraudulent actions with them are strictly prohibited.

Benefits of renting a virtual number for business

Roaming is a convenient telephone service, but at the same time it is very expensive today. And if your business spreads to different countries of the world, you probably spend a lot of money on such a connection.

Another thing is online telephony. You will be able to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls, receive SMS, faxes.

You do not need to purchase additional equipment or SIM cards, and the service can be activated in most countries of the world. Mobility is another important advantage, since the service is not assigned to the area where you activated it, and therefore the service can be used literally all over the world and not overpay for roaming.

Everyone who has his own business dreams of promoting it to the international level. But this implies serious financial costs. Therefore, you can significantly save on calls and messages if you decide to rent a phone number online.


Currently, if not everyone, then almost all Internet sites (with an audience), programs and applications require the user to have a mobile phone number. During registration, verification, two-factor authentication, an SMS notification with a PIN code or a link is sent to the user’s mobile phone number to confirm certain actions. This is often necessary for security reasons. If your account is hacked or you forget your account password, the linked mobile phone number will allow you to restore access in a few minutes.

Despite the fact that such a scheme exists to a greater extent for the benefit of users, in certain situations it creates difficulties that need to be solved through trickery.


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