The Argos Abyss (Phase 2) and how to prepare for it

Argos Abyss

The Argos Abyss (Phase 2) and how to prepare for it will be discussed in detail in this second installment of the raid on the Ark of the Covenant

To make things easier for you, we’ve included a link to our Argos Phase 1 Lost Ark gold guide right on this page, in case you haven’t already done so.

Strategies for dealing with your adversaries that involve wreaking havoc on their infrastructure

An ally of Party 1 should walk out to the outer rim of the arena and signal a safe meeting spot for everyone, which should be somewhere near the top of the arena’s perimeter.

If the moon party is to survive, it is critical that it moves in the direction indicated by the arrow; during this time, the sun party is protected from danger. The sun party is safe in the center of the arena during this time period, and the moon party is also safe during this time period in the same location as the sun party.

If even one of the spheres is removed from the map during the course of the game, the moon party will be annihilated. The only way for Argos to have enough space to collect the spheres is for him to keep his position in the center of the arena. Because of Argos’ geographical location, the sun party will be safe during this time period.

As soon as Argos receives the order, four dots will be placed in each of the four corners of the arena, with one in each of the four corners. After receiving the signal from Argos, one dot will appear in each corner of the arena when it is ready. In order to ensure their survival when the sun turns into the moon, the Moon Party must immediately form a tight circle around themselves and take ten stacks of a buff. The sun party, on the other hand, is completely safe during this time period.

During this time, both the moon and the sun parties should seek refuge on either side of the arena’s outer rim; however, if the center of the arena is engulfed in flames, the sun party should seek refuge in the arena’s inner sanctum.

At a time when the arena’s edges are about to blow up, the moon party should be held in the center of the arena, which is also a safe location at that time. Everyone should be kept safe during this time period, which is why the sun party should be held in the center of the arena, which is also a convenient location. The effect of being struck by another while holding only one stack of it is that you are temporarily stunned for a short period of time until you recover.

Because of the abbreviation used for the title, it is referred to as Moon Boss in some circles.

For the sake of making it more convenient for you to battle the Moon boss, it has been decided to divide the fight into three sub-fights.

The second subordinate of the moon boss, if you deal enough damage to him, will teleport to the center of the arena and spawn two minion minions with 60% and 30% health, respectively. The second subordinate of the moon boss, if you deal enough damage to him, will teleport to the center of the arena and spawn two minion minions with 60% and 30% health, respectively.

When a minion is attacked, a damage reduction buff of 90% is applied to the minion who was attacked in this manner. You will be able to remove this buff if you completely deplete their Stagger bar before attacking them.

Following the death of each minion while in a neutralized state, the moon boss will reappear, and you will be forced to kill him once more as soon as another minion is killed. This means that a new window of opportunity for dealing massive damage or activating Awakening abilities (Soulfists, take heart!) will open up for them to be used.

The Moon Boss’s moveset is based on the confinement mechanisms that he employs to keep his opponents in their respective cages during the course of the battle.

The moon bosses are the ones who are in charge of casting shadows on the ground.

These battles with minion opponents are triggered by this mechanic and it is only active during those battles. A tornado fist will be unleashed on the player who had been targeted by the moon boss’s shadow immediately after, dealing significant damage to him or her in the process.

Following the indicator is all that is required to exit the situation, which makes it very easy to distinguish from other situations.

A red circle with a tornado inside it will appear under one of the players, pulling anyone who steps into it back into the game world. This will continue until the player is defeated. This will continue indefinitely until the player is eliminated. This will continue indefinitely until the player is removed from the competition. Within seconds of being struck by a tornado, the tornado will explode, and the player will perish as a result of the explosion. Whenever you find yourself in a predicament, simply dash out of the room to avoid being discovered and arrested.

At the start of the game, each player will have a cylinder-shaped mark placed on the back of their heads, which will be followed by a few rocks falling on their heads throughout the course of the game, which will be repeated several times.

The players must first position themselves in a safe location before waiting for the boulders to fall on them. Falling boulders can cause serious injury or death if they are not properly protected from them.

The player’s safe spot will explode if this is not done, causing massive AoE damage to everyone in the area around the player.

The Grand Finale is a culmination of everything that has gone before it, culminating in a spectacular way.

Soldier, once you’ve completed the most difficult part of the process, the rest of the steps should be fairly straightforward to follow. Soldier: I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

It is possible to ensure the success of your mission by implementing the strategies outlined below.

Immediately following the start of the fight, Argos leaps out of the arena, intending to land on a specific individual in order to establish a tone for the rest of the fight. Following that, there is a second phase of the game to be played out. A white circle will appear on the ground’s surface as long as he keeps his gaze fixed on it, denoting the location of the point where he will come to rest.

The location of the safe haven is irrelevant; it does not matter whether it is close to or far away from the boss’s place of employment.

It is because of his use of his left hand to slam the ground that there is an eruption from the ground that causes injury or death to anyone who comes in contact with the light rays.

For example, the safe spots are always found at his back, which makes it simple to locate the indicator of it on the floor when searching for it.

Ray uses his arms to make a circling motion to demonstrate his point, which helps to illustrate his point.

Argos attacks both of the players who have been targeted as soon as he has created two circles around them, causing both of them to explode after three seconds and causing significant damage to both of them. Take advantage of the fact that you have a long period of time to get out of this sticky situation before things get worse for you and your family.

When it is being moved out, it causes significant damage, and when it is being returned to its original location, it causes even more damage. Argos will unleash a massive Area of Effect attack as soon as those spheres have been returned to their original locations. This attack will knock the players to the ground and cause significant physical damage to their bodies.

Begin by considering the following as a great place to get things started:

Return to the previous location where the spheres were leaving Argos at a 90-degree angle and move back to that location once more in order to catch up with them before they reach their destination.

You have two options for avoiding the AoE’s reach: either stay as close to the boss as possible or move as far away from him as possible.

In order to find a safe position at a 45-degree angle to the boss after the first smash, an alternative strategy is to dash as close to him as you possibly can after the first smash.

The directional spheres, which are located on either side of the sphere, can be selected from eight different options.

In any case, it’s important to note that the effect is not the same as that produced by four-direction spheres because there is no return to the starting point and no explosions, both of which are typically associated with four-direction spheres.

On the outside, it’s currently raining rocks onto the ground.

The second round of the Moon/Sun smackdown has concluded with a victory for the Moon.

By getting to a safe spot at 45 degrees or by sprinting as close as possible to the boss’s position, you can avoid the first smash at all costs.

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