The benefits of cloud based video surveillance

The benefits of cloud based video surveillance

Today technological advancements can be seen everywhere that have made our life more easy and convenient. There is hardly anything that has not been impacted by the technological solutions. One such area where technology has played a vital role is a security system. Now the security system has become much more advanced with new and innovative features such as cloud-based video surveillance. Cloud-based video surveillance popularity has surged in recent times as it provides easy surveillance storage, remote access, and various other benefits. This new technology can automatically store the video recorded on the cloud server in a systematic manner. This new solution has overcome the earlier limitations of other video storage systems such as storage capacity and high operational expenses.

Under a cloud-based video surveillance system, large numbers of cameras are connected with the cloud through a network. This network helps the authorized user to access, view, and play any video being stored on the cloud without any difficulty. Thus this can be done through the remote areas as well thus giving them an edge over the other video monitoring system. Besides this, there are various features that make a better option for other systems. Some of these benefits are mentioned as below:

  • Adding Cameras: Cloud-based video surveillance management system is highly effective in managing a large number of analog and cameras. Thus after these cameras have been installed in the premises and then configured with the network then the user can access the live footage as well as recordings stored on the cloud on the web dashboard. Thus now the user can have the status of different locations and sites very easily and conveniently.
  • Secure Storage: The video stored on the cloud server are highly secured as only the authorized person can access them from anywhere and at any time. It thus ensures that there is no loss of any valuable data or prevents getting the recording to the unauthorized user. The chances of proof tampering with evidence are also eliminated with the use of cloud-based video management. Thus this will keep all the necessary essential footage safe and secure than it was possible earlier.
  • Remote Access: The cloud-based surveillance technology has made it possible to access the data remotely. Thus it helps the authorized user to keep an eye on all the recordings and live footage without being physically present there. This leads to better monitoring as the user can now be aware all time what is happening in their absence.
  • Footage Retrieval: The process of footage retrieval becomes easier all thanks to the cloud-based video surveillance system. This is because this system creates a unified platform where videos from multiple cameras from different locations are made available. These videos stored in the cloud are organized in such a manner that with time, date, or location input, the user can have the right video without wasting any time and with minimum efforts as compared to the old and outdated video-based management system.
  • Health Update: The cloud-based security systems are highly advanced as if any of the cameras installed are not properly functioning or are offline, and then the system will send the required update to the platform. Thus this feature helps in being proactive and thus reduces device downtime. This feature can also help in preventing any unwanted event to take place as some might try to tamper with the cameras and do something wrong but when these systems are put to use, all such activities can be avoided.
  • Self-Service: The cloud-based video system helps in self-service as it allows the users to make any adjustments and capabilities easily by themselves and thus reducing the dependence of users on services providers for every small thing.
  • Scalability: This system provides a scalable solution to its users as it provides a single platform through with the video or recordings from multiple cameras across different sites can be easily stored. The unlimited capacity of cloud servers makes it popular for surveillance works.

Hence these are the unique features that make cloud-based video surveillance a top choice among various users. They have redefined the security system with these unique features. It has led to hassle-free security surveillance which earlier used to take lots of time and effort. The user can also further choose the right type of cloud-based technology as per their needs and requirements. There are basically three options to choose from. These are:

  • Public Cloud: This technology is more affordable to a large number of users and that is why it is also the commonly used solution. Under this solution, the hardware, infrastructure, software, etc. are shared among a large number of clients. This solution is not entitled to many customizations as it meets the general demand of its clients. This system is highly reliable as it is maintained by experts.
  • Private Cloud: This solution is specifically designed to meet the demand of a single client. These are customized with features and technology as required by the users and hence are expensive. Here the system is designed in such a way to meet all the demands of clients. Not everyone can meet the expenses of this cloud solution.
  • Hybrid Cloud: As the name suggests it is the combination of the above-mentioned solutions. This solution allows the users to exercise a good amount of control while keeping the cost under their budget. This system helps the user to attain the perfect balance between customization and affordability. Thus with this system, one can have the best of both worlds.

Hence the users can choose any of the above-mentioned cloud-based solutions based on their objectives and budget.

Once the system is implemented the user will experience a significant difference in their surveillance activities. This is the new way of keeping an eye on various activities that is much more convenient through its remote access feature. The users with cloud-based surveillance can be stress-free and ensure that everything is under control. This system is an efficient approach of video-based management than the traditional options.

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