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Do you want to use a free PDF tool to edit unlimited PDF files? Are you facing some troubles in using a free PDF Editor for your files? Try the best free PDF editor, UPDF by Superace Software Technologies which lets the users use all tools to edit their PDF documents for free and does not charge any cost.

This PDF editor has all the necessary editing tools that a person needs to edit the documents professionally. You can edit your files and share these real-time editing files with others to know their opinion about editing a document. UPDF is available for Mac and Windows operating systems to edit the PDF files.

Let us know about this best PDF editing toolkit that is free to use and lets you edit your documents professionally without paying any cost. Read this article to know about the amazing features of UPDF.

Features of UPDF Editor:

UPDF is a unique PDF editor in the market because it is 100%  to use without limitations, and has a delightful interface. Let us see its key features in detail that you will use in UPDF.

Edit PDF Text Seamlessly

Do you want a free PDF editor to edit text in PDF files professionally? UPDF is the best free PDF editor that allows you to add and edit text in PDF easily and save the changed file without watermarks on your device.

For editing text in PDF, you can modify the text, text font, color, size, and so on. If you do not need some texts, you can also delete them quickly.



View Multiple PDF Files in Tabs

If you need to view multiple PDF files for learning or searching some information from different PDF documents, it’s troublesome to view them in different windows. However, UPDF allows you to view multiple PDFs in tabs. This feature is convenient and time-saving for you to read many files at the same time.

Modify Image in PDF

Regarding the images of your PDF files, UPDF also allows you to change them as you desired. Specifically, you can crop, rotate, and extract images in PDF with ease. In addition, you can also add new images to PDF, or remove unnecessary images from your PDF file.

Markup PDF File

When you read literature or other learning materials, you may need to markup some important information or add comments on some points. For this, you can make annotations on  PDF with UPDF. For example, you can highlight the important info, add shapes to markup special content, add sticky notes to write some reviews for the certain content, and so on.

Delete and Rearrange PDF Pages

While you viewing a PDF file with so many pages and some of pages are unnecessary, For this situation, you can delete the unwanted pages directly and quickly by using UPDF.

In addition, UPDF is available to rotate, and extract PDF pages with few clicks. Moreover, you can reorder the PDF page  by dragging it to the right position.


Advantages of  UPDF:

  • It is 100% free and easier to make changes in your file.
  • This toolkit is available for Mac and Windows users and lets them use it securely to edit documents.
  • UPDF has a unique and delightful interface unlike other PDF tools in the market.
  • It has no limitations on document processing file size and using time.
  • There are no watermarks when you save the changed file.
  • It is secure and fast to open and manage PDFs.

Disadvantages of  UPDF:

  • It isn’t compatible with the Android system yet.
  • Limited advanced features like OCR and cloud service.


The above is the basic information about UPDF. As a completely free PDF editor for Mac and Windows systems, it can meet your common requirements of editing and managing PDF files without any cost.  Compared to other PDF tools in the market, UPDF is the best choice for you to edit, annotate, and manage PDF documents for free because of its stunning interface, stable performance, fast opening speed, and security. So download UPDF for Mac to manage your PDF documents effortlessly from now on.

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