The Best Indian Kitchen Tools Ideas

Some classic marble and granite kitchen extras you have been missing out on.

Apart from having the regular cutlery items and the usual blenders and juicers, there are always a few handy tools that are needed in your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your home. It needs improvements and care from your side at a constant rate. So upgrade your home decor with the variety of Stone artifacts by K D Crafts.

One way to show love for your favorite place in your house would be to maintain it and always keep it stocked. How about adding some traditional tools that are not just great to look at but also dead useful.

If you are looking for something similar with a touch of tradition and ancient history, you are certainly in the right place.

Here’s what you can add from our collection of the best stone accessories:

Marble Spice GrindersYou may have one of those latest fancy grinders in your kitchen inventory list but they can’t surely match up to our regular marble spice grinders.

With an electrical grinder, you might only have to press a button and your desired ingredients would end up in the flawless powdered form. However, you can be assured that the spices would lack the original flavor you are craving for in your meal.

This is certainly not the case with our high-quality marble grinder. With a strong and smooth build, the grinder is bound to hold still while you grind and crush your favorite ingredients

Unique Marble Khalbatta

For those of you who didn’t know, the mortar pestle set in India is often known as khalbatta. It is a popular tool amongst the local population that uses it for crushing herbs and spices to make flavors and medicine.

Coming from a large collection of mortar pestle sets, the marble khalbatta is a worthy addition to any kitchen setting. Using the traditional tool might seem a lot like hard labor but the output will surely be worth your time.

Marble and Granite Mortar Pestle Sets

If you are specifically looking for a variety of mortars and pestles, you are at the right spot. We offer numerous designs and styles of mortar pestle sets that are proven to be sufficient in quality and use as well.

One of our most renowned sets is from the marble mortar pestle line. The collection has comes with different colors and sizes that are made up of the finest Indian marble quality.

Another popular choice amongst the local population is the granite mortar pestle kit. Granite is naturally a strong material that does not break easily. It is perfect for the long-term making it a durable grinding option for your kitchen toolset.

All of the mortars and pestles in our collection are polished and handcrafted. This is to ensure that the ingredients are crushed evenly in a quick time. The accessories are shaped to perfection to avoid any imbalance when grinding the herbs and spices.

We offer further customizations as well if you choose to buy a bulk quantity of items. This is to help you match the tools with the main theme of your cooking space.

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