The Best Way to Secure Your Growing Business on the Internet

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Your cybersecurity is always important, but small businesses should interact with sensitive personal information such as financial records. It’s important to keep this type of information secure, especially since small, burgeoning businesses are a favorite target for cybercriminals. A secure firewall is the first step.

It makes sense that cybercriminals would catch up with businesses – after all, businesses see more traffic, collect a lot of user data, and handle payment info. But that also means going without cybersecurity for your business isn’t an option.

A firewall acts as the first line of defense in keeping your network secure, they monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to help prevent attacks on your system.

While software firewalls can be useful in some cases, they usually only protect the devices on which they are running. For most small businesses, it makes sense to use a hardware firewall that can protect every device on the network.

But with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your business.

Hardware firewalls are a must-have material for any small business. Protect your customer data and maintain a solid level of trust that is easily lost without protection from cybercriminals.

This firewall solution is the perfect way for your business to start defending against attacks, which will only become more likely as your customer base grows. That’s not something to skimp on!

These are 2 our top picks for businesses looking to protect their internal network and sensitive data from online threats. Find it at primebuy.com

Sonicwall, 01-SSC-1936 NSA 2650 Network Security Firewall

SonicWall has been protecting enterprise networks for a long time with a robust series of next-generation firewalls and security appliances designed to detect and mitigate the most dangerous kinds of security threats. Yet those large units are oversized for many small businesses and regional offices that experience less traffic volume. SonicWall’s new TZ series was designed with those groups in mind.

While every security appliance in the TZ series has the same operating system and cybersecurity capabilities as larger SonicWall enterprise units, the TZ units are designed to handle less traffic, and are thus much more economical for small deployments. They can, however, be managed using the same software as the enterprise units, meaning that larger businesses can deploy whatever firewall is needed, and the TZ units simply become part of the overall defense.

WatchGuard, WGT15031-WW T15 Firebox Threat Management Appliance

Perfect for small businesses, the Firebox T15 offers the toughest gateway security measures at a pocket-friendly price. Stepping up as the new entry-point to WatchGuard’s tabletop security appliance family, the Firebox T15 offers a set of features that belie its small stature. It’s excellent value too, as it offers super-strength network security at a price small businesses will love.

WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite subscription enables web content filtering, application controls, anti-spam, gateway antivirus (AV), network discovery, IPS and reputation enabled defense. It also activates data loss prevention (DLP), Dimension Command plus the advanced persistent threat (APT) blocker and includes a Gold Support subscription.

The technology filters the incoming data and determines by its rules if it is allowed to enter a network. These rules, also known as an access control list, are based on IP addresses, domain names, protocols, programs, ports, and keywords. It either allows or denies permission. The rules are customizable and can be easily determined by a network administrator.

Firewalls can be both host-based and a network-based. The former is a simple software that protects the computer it is installed on, whereas the latter is a combination of soft- and hardware, which protects the whole network. It may come in the form of a stand-alone product or a built-in component of a router.

A lot of organizations use both network-based and host-based firewalls to ensure maximum protection. Thus, host-based firewalls will stop all harmful data that happens to get past through the network firewall.

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