The Best Wholesale Slipper Brands of 2021


If you are a shoe business looking for a good slipper supplier to expand your business in 2021, this article will serve your purpose. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some strong slipper vendors with important slipper trends.

What Slipper Styles Are in Trend in 2021?

Every year, the footwear industry experiences diverse styles and trends. This year, 2021 is coming up with some new trends in the slippers market. Ever since becoming a trend statement, slippers are no longer just some regular sliders.
If you’re going to invest in the slippers market, keep these 2021 trends in mind to fulfill the demands of your client.
1. Unisex wool slippers
2. Fur Slippers
3. Crisscross Slippers
4. Double Toned Slippers
5. Colorful Slippers
6. Black Slippers
7. Flip Flops
8. Mule Slippers
Now, let’s discuss a few wholesale slipper suppliers and why they are a good choice for your Wholesale Business.

NY Wholesale

NY Wholesale guarantees the satisfaction of its consumers by supplying them with premium goods. They’ve got a wide variety of men, women, and unisex slippers and are renowned for their customer service.

What Makes Them the Right Pick?

Their after-sales program earns them a spot on our list. Not only do they provide pre-sales facilities, but they also keep in contact with consumers to get feedback. This helps them develop their services and their efficiency.
They always follow trends and provide their customers with innovative products. Their trendy fur and chain slippers are a great pick for businesses in 2021.

Sandy’s Wholesale Shoes

Sandy’s Wholesale Shoes have been importing wholesale shoes to the world since 1977. They make comfortable, trendy, and high-quality shoes. As for their slippers, they are popular for their style and texture. A consumer can get a wide variety of items for the entire family. They allow retailers and wholesalers to buy slippers in bulk at reasonable prices.

What Makes Them the Right Pick?

To encourage small retailers, they do not have a minimum order requirement. Their durability and prompt delivery makes them a good option. Industry insiders expect them to have a good 2021 thanks to their crossed and stripped black slippers.


Keen is one of the leading manufacturers in the USA. They have a devoted team that values a creative approach. Because of their product consistency and fair pricing, they are an ideal choice for small businesses and supply chains.

What Makes Them the Right Pick?

Keen have a vast selection of slippers to offer to their clients. They adopt market trends and deliver stylish slippers for every family member. Their vibrant, double-tone and comfortable slippers make them a good choice in 2021.


With tens of thousands of items, a customized shopping process, and a devoted staff who knows the customers’ needs, Dollars Day is one of the best slipper’s suppliers in the market. Their colorful and stylish slippers are the center of attention for many businesses.

What Makes Them the Right Pick?

Their loyalty to their customers makes them a sound choice for slippers companies. They offer trendy fur and crisscross slippers to their customers. In 2021, they are ready to launch many more designs

Where to Find Suppliers for Your Business?

Wholesale businesses and retailers often find it hard to locate a slipper supplier. Let us help you.
SeeBiz is an online Wholesale Marketplace that allows you to use its platform at no charge. It has hundreds of registered slippers suppliers and lets you buy from them in bulk.
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Hope this blog helps you understand the market trend and assist you in selecting a good supplier for your slippers business.
If you have any thoughts or point to share, we would love to hear from you.

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