The Blend of Two Titans: Nextgen EMR Software & Practice Fusion EMR

EMR Software

Nextgen EMR software is a cloud-based EMR system. It was the vision of two doctors back in 1998. Nextgen Software has just done wonders by providing the best features applicable to every size of organization and hospital. It is available to be used on any tablet and phone and is a touch screen enabled software. So if the patient must book an appointment, seek referrals, or request refills, they have only one door to open: Nextgen EMR Software. Its growth is commendable as it is now used by more than 124,000 health providers in the United States of America. The nextgen office had a clear idea of making the healthcare system more efficient.

Nextgen EMR Software Features

Clinical Tasking

Nextgen Software is a hub for all the clinical tasks you are required to do. It waives off the pressure of being physically present at the hospitals.

Customizable Settings

You can customize the settings according to the need. Whether you must cancel an appointment or book one, change your information in the patient portal, some options let you customize the settings.

Electronic Prescribing

Electronic Prescribing saves you much time! It is no longer needed to find a doctor at the hospital. Nor is it a compulsion for the doctor to write a prescription physically; this can be done just by a single tap on the screen, and this is the benefit of using Nextgen EMR software.


Nextgen EMR Software’s dashboard provides easy navigation. The categories are separated for the users to see. Moreover, the icons are enlarged so that the user has no problem selecting the icon of their choice.


Nextgen EMR software has a distinctive feature of interoperability. Interoperability helps the program link with other software and generates information. For example, they are taking out the previous disease from other doctors. It builds a whole network where different health providers can have access to each other.

Practice Fusion EMR

Practice Fusion a cloud-based EHR. As its name, the functioning of Practice Fusion EMR provides efficiency in the healthcare systems. Its broader vision is to remove every hurdle that halts the service to humankind. Many people have had issues in their medical procedures due to a lack of software. The problem has been solved as Practice Fusion EMR has unique features to make medical procedures easy. Health professionals, health analysts, and organizations have contributed to this thought of making the software feasible for every user.

Practice Fusion Features

There are numerous features of Practice Fusion EMR that have strengthened the working of the healthcare systems. We have jotted down some of its features for you. Please give it a read!

Medical Templates

It’s time for you to use the template and chart your medical concerns and history down by using this great feature of Practice fusion EMR. You can customize these templates and reshape the information into a new mold to be exact and fast. Isn’t that amazing? it helps you navigate your information in fewer clicks through the medical template.


it was hectic to save the faxes. It is not because you can now create a referral template to speed up the task. The referral feature also connects you with other providers means now the communication is a lot easier.

Electronic Prescription

Electronic Prescriptions are the feature you must be amazed to know. Did you ever think of having your medical prescription on a tap of the screen? If you didn’t, you must now because the e-prescription feature enables you to save time and get your medication in your hands!

Billing Management

The billing management feature will get you paid faster. Clinicians can check the eligibility of the insurance of the patient and helps you record the co-pays.

Patient Portals

The patient Portals feature is the best feature to look forward to in Practice Fusion EMR. It entirely solves your problems regarding prescriptions, medical history, registration forms, check-ins, and customized information regarding their health and concerns.

Schedule of Appointments

Scheduling appointments is one feature of Practice fusion EMR that has removed the past hurdles. Now, it is possible to schedule your meeting with your doctor. There will be no more problems with last-minute cancellations of appointments. You can know the unforeseen circumstances beforehand to avoid any issues.

Nextgen EMR VS. Practice fusion

Many people have used the practice fusion EMR and Nextgen EMR. However, we would first like to distinguish between the two in terms of features. Almost all Nextgen EMR and Practice Fusion EMR features are the same as scheduling appointments, e-prescribing, patient portals, billing management, referrals, but what distinguishes NextGen EMR from Practice Fusion EMR is the feature of hand-writing Recognition. While Nextgen has this feature, Practice fusion lacks it. Hand-writing Recognition is a feature more like notes where the software enables you to write notes of your concerns.

In terms of reviews, people have preferred to use Nextgen EMR over Practice Fusion. The ratings of Nextgen EMR by the users have been recorded high. Moreover, Nextgen EMR can be used by more than 1000+ users, but Practice Fusion is limited to 1000 users. Therefore, Nextgen EMR is for large sizes of communities.

In the case of deployment and support, Nextgen has more features than Practice Fusion. Practice Fusion is not compatible with desktop mac, desktop windows, desktop Chromebook, mobile android. In contrast to this, Nextgen is compatible with all of these. However, Nextgen EMR software does not have a knowledge base and FAQS/Forum feature, whereas Practice Fusion has these features.

How can you decide which software is better? There is no need to determine the better but the one who serves your purpose better. Go through each feature we have listed down for you and see if Nextgen EMR suits you better or Practice Fusion EMR. They have many similar features, but the differences are also significant to note. So, don’t fret over it and read for yourself.

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