The EGD65 Raises the Bar for Gaming Desks and Standing Desks

Grade: A 


Price: $475.99 

Specs: 65.5” Wide, 27” Deep, 30”-48” Tall (adjustable) 


If Any of the Following Sounds Good to You, Get This Gaming Desk: 

  • Seamlessly and soundlessly adjusting the height of your gaming desk to your specifications
  • Getting rave-worthy entertainment value from cutting-edge controllable RGB lighting features that include color, pattern, and effect options
  • Reveling in the modern smooth confidence of the quality carbon fiber texture desktop, knowing you’ll be making gaming memories here for years to come
  • Taking a load off by enjoying the optimal legroom and resting your forearms across the soft full-length micro-weave mousepad
  • Enjoying additional amenities such as a cupholder and controller stand with USB charging ports
  • Having a built-in cable management system to keep all your cords organized and hidden
  • Having the added security of reinforced side paneling to prevent damage to the gaming desk or neighboring objects


Need more than that? 

The EGD65 RGB Electric Standing Gaming Desk might be a mouthful, but show me where the lie is! This gaming desk combines strength, convenience, and flair all into one. Let’s start with the strength. 


When you combine the strong CRS I-shaped legs with the durable carbon fiber texture desktop, the EGD65 RGB Electric Standing Gaming Desk can lift and hold up to 220 pounds. Its height adjustable leveling feet makes sure that everything rises and lowers evenly. The patented height-adjustable technology also offers programmable settings so you can set your gaming desk’s height to just where you want it in the blink of an eye. And in case some things get in the way (I found this feature particularly cool): this standing desk has an anti-collision sensor installed. I didn’t even think of that! 




  Sturdy reinforced side paneling supports the desk’s core, which is made up of dense particleboard. The same reinforced material keeps the desk from chipping or scuffing anything it comes into contact with. This is especially important to anyone who has ever had to retrieve a stray pair of scissors or some other sharp object from their desk or a neighboring piece of furniture. 



Even though simple organization was part of the motivation behind developing this product, they didn’t skimp on all of the conveniences. The EGD also comes with built-in cable management for easier cleaning and better organization. It comes with a dual headset hook, cupholder, and cable grommets for organization. The EGD65 RGB Electric Standing Gaming Desk also comes with an ergonomic mousepad to keep your hands and forearms comfortable and your mouse stable as you take part in your favorite daytime (or nighttime) activities. 



While the formal design of this gaming desk may provide the foundation for your favorite activities, it’s the RGB LED lights that give your fun a little extra flair. With separate controls for its brightness and effect, anyone can create the right atmosphere for their time alone with their computer. The RGB LED lights come in six colors and have one solid setting and one strobe setting, giving you a little more control over your gaming experience. (Personally, I’m partial to the red lights and the single effect.) Hours will pass by before you’ve noticed you’ve been playing with it for so long. 




Whether it’s because of the strong body, the wealth of features, or the dazzling RGB capabilities, the EGD RGB Electric Standing Gaming Desk will keep you well-stocked and ready at all times. 

the authorABHIYAN
Abhiyan Chhetri is a cybersecurity journalist with a passion for covering latest happenings in cyber security and tech world. In addition to being the founder of this website, Abhiyan is also into gaming, reading and investigative journalism.