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The Fast DVD Ripping Software

WinX DVD ripper platinum

These days extracting a file from the DVD can be a herculean task if one does not have to right software. This software is created with one aim and that is to easily rip the files from any compact disc or DVD and save it to any other device.

A ripping software is enabled to compress the file that is present in the DVD by reducing the file size so that it can be easily stored on any other device. These days the ripping software is created in such a way that they not only rip the file but also convert them to various formats.

Out of many dvd ripping tools available in the market, which is the reliable one. Read further to know about the fast dvd ripper out there for ripping and converting video files.

The Fastest DVD Ripper

There are several ripping software out there. But picking the fastest one will not only save time and efforts but will also give high-quality results. One such popular and high-quality ripper is the WinX DVD ripper platinum.

This software can rip any format of file ranging from basics to advanced formats, and allows one to convert them into any format per se. The best thing is that the software has various presets which make the process faster and easier. Also, the ripper can rip images and raw files, along with optimization of the videos by changing their technical characteristics.

What is the interface like?

One of the most crucial things to actually check in DVD ripper software is the interface. Having a smooth and straightforward interface makes it easier to work with it. The central part of the software screen is the place where one can drag and drop the files. One can also check the content of the files right there.

On the right side, there is a video player along with some of the additional features supported in the software. And one the top bar, there are all the major operational keys and functions. One can easily use the operations to either rip the content or tow convert the contents.  Also, different presents can be selected to work with various formats and categories of files. The entire software supports 6 different languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Features

The following are some of the notable features in this fast dvd ripper from WinX:

  1. De interfacing: many codecs tend to have some linearity. To remove these linearities, the de interfacing operation can be used.
  2. Hardware acceleration: using this feature, the conversion speed of the files can be increased with the help of a graphic processing unit.
  3. Rip DVD with Copy-protection: while ripping dvd is normal but a software that able to rip the latest commercial disc with copy-protection and remove dvd region code.
  4. HQ engine: the software engine is of high quality, as it makes sure that the video ripped is of HD quality.
  5. Conversions settings: theses settings allow us to change and alter the characteristics of a video like a codec, number of channels, bit rates, etc.
  6. Screenshots: one can take screenshots while the video is playing in the video player.
  7. Editing: there is a menu that can be used to edit the videos, add subtitles, etc.

Benefits of using WinX DVD Ripping Software

Some of the reasons for using this particular ripper are:

  1. Fast and easy: one can easily rip an entire DVD is just 5 to 6 minutes. It has intel hyper-threading technology support along with NVIDIA and Intel QSV support. It can rip a file using X32 DVD drives at 500 FPS.
  2. Rip protected content: the DVDs that are copy-protected can be rip using the software, as it can burn the files on the blank discs. It can also remove the DVD disc DRM and rip the file without much fuss.
  3. Support various formats: one of the major things is that it allows the files to convert into a larger variety of formats like WMV, M2TS, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MP4, etc.
  4. Great output quality: the video output quality is unquestionable good after ripping a DVD using this software.

Of course there are some other DVD ripping programs that are fast and reliable, visit this site to know more about it.


A good ripper software is not only meant for ripping the DVD but is also for making sure that the quality of the video files is compromised. This particular video file ripper is perfect for converting the files into various formats and thus can be watched don any digital device.

It is easy to use and easy to understand with its fast interface and quick conversion encoder. There is also a variety of presets which can be chosen to make the ripping process more efficient. One can easily use this ripper on Windows and Mac OS X, by installing the varied versions from the official website.