The Floral Trend That’s Changing Everything We Knew About Flowers

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I love flowers. The factual proof for this is all the floral and “oh, how gorgeous” comments I receive when I put my dried flower arrangements  on my desk at work, so I know I’m not alone in thinking that most people have an innately joyful reaction to a vase of flowers. I’ve lusted after ranunculus for a very long time since it has tight petals that wrap around an impossible-to-understand center and that bloom after a few days. However, death swiftly follows: a few days after they are opened, they start to turn brown and so mushy that I am forced to throw them away.

While it’s true that fresh flowers are beautiful, they’re ready for the trash in five days or less. On the other hand, Preserved flowers require almost no maintenance and last for a very long time. Plus, unlike faux flowers, they’re technically real and therefore don’t boast those egregiously fake-looking petals, branches, and leaves that always look better.

The most recent development in floral design offers a solution: dried flowers and grasses. They do not pass away, which is both economical and comforting for someone who detests the act of discarding flowers. On many Instagram and Pinterest feeds, I have seen how popular this style has become among both professional interior designers and amateur home decorators. It is no longer limited to winter floral arrangements. In all seasons, people are consciously choosing to buy pre-dried flowers.

The nicest thing is that there are so many various kinds of branches, twigs, flowers, leafy greens, grains, and grasses. Additionally, individual dried plant stems are sculptural and suitable as a centrepiece on their own, unlike many floral arrangements. Eucalyptus branches are eerily gorgeous on their own, and they can maintain this beauty for years.

Shopeastolivia, Our dried flowers experts, adores using them in our studio. For the simple reason that they don’t die, it takes the worry out of flower arranging! You don’t need to worry about the water being changed or the temperature of the room. In the studio, we have some dried pampas grass that is nearly three years old (!). Additionally, they still have their original fluff. Her preferred method of styling dried stems? You can’t go wrong with fluffy pampas grass for a larger dried arrangement, and you can go all white with bleached lagurus, dried fan palm, maiden grass, preserved ferns, and lunaria.

Personally, I enjoy purchasing a large quantity of eucalyptus and thistles from the grocery store, keeping them fresh in water for a few days, and then allowing them to dry naturally. But one thing to remember about dried stems is that they are sensitive. Like my wintertime chapped lips, they become brittle when dried out.

Keep an eye out for de-saturated flowers and fluffy pampas in your feeds; you’ll be surprised at how popular they are as a finishing touch. Here are some more favourite’s :


  1. The Frankie – XL

This bouquet is stunning and has a gorgeous hanging amaranthus. Sold with a ceramic white vase to match any home decor, the Frankie will delight for years.

  1. The Samantha, Aries

Every season needs a little splash of EO vibes to really celebrate and the  Samantha Spring is lit! This extra large bouquet was created to take centre stage and add brightness to any occasion with each of its lovely pastel stems.

Soft, feminine, and romantic, this Aries  dried flower arrangement is perfectly pretty. your search for the perfect dried bouquet ends here.


  1. The Colleen – Medium

This modern, neutral beauty will help you stay grounded and in touch with nature.

This bouquet blends in everywhere because itself to sun spear flare, natural colour scheme, and evergreen favourite, baby’s breath.

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