The Francesco Totti Phenomenon: Why He Will Always Be Roma’s Favorite

As a rule, an athlete is either idolized or hated, which cannot be said about Francesco Totti. Many would say there are many more talented guys in the world of football with plenty of achievements. However, the Italians still remain loyal fans of the former attacking midfielder, striker, and coach of the Roma club. So, what makes him so memorable to all of us?

Emperor Loyal to Roma

It is not uncommon for a football player to move from one club to another, which cannot be said about Francesco Totti. Having made his debut in Roma in 1993, the athlete remained loyal to the team until the very end of his career in 2017. In 2004, Real Madrid tried to buy him out. And who knows if he would have achieved even greater success in the Spanish team, considered one of the best in the world. However, Totti was unshakable and stayed with his football club. You can hardly remember another such player!

The football player mentioned that he never regretted his decision, insisting that the colors of his beloved FC were everything to him. The football player mentioned that he never regretted his decision, insisting that the colors of his beloved FC were everything to him. 

During his career, Totti was able to score 307 goals and became a favorite not only for Roma fans but also for lovers of betting at gambling online casino sites. On the other hand, the collection of his trophies at the club level is not so rich and includes one Scudetto and two Italian Cups, but his authority is indisputable. Even Lionel Messi once posted a picture with Totti and signed it, “Great! Phenomenon”. The Argentine player sincerely admired the Emperor, even though he could easily surpass the Italian regarding the number of awards and goals scored.

After the footballer announced his retirement, many saw him as the club’s coach. However, he said that such a position was not for him while not leaving his favorite team. For two more years, Francesco was the director of Roma but left the position, noting that he expected something different from this job. After that, the ex-footballer created his own sports talent agency and continues to create prospects for young players.

Charity and Social Life

Francesco Totti is renowned for his generosity: he became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador almost 20 years ago and takes this role very seriously. He regularly holds charity events, and it seems that he would never turn down those who need help. The legendary athlete has already published several books and donated all the profits to help children and elderly people. 

Many say Totti’s career at Roma ended since he was too arrogant and idiosyncratic. But we believe the legendary footballer simply decided to pass his shirt on to young talents and do something no less interesting, forever remaining the Italian Emperor.

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