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The Hard Way – 5 Alternatives for Improving Your Studying Efficiency

Alternatives for Improving Your Studying Efficiency

Does your lecture bring you to the brink of despair? Don’t you like the topic? Is the lecturer annoying? Can’t you concentrate with the best will in the world? Then I have five approaches for you that will bring your concentration back with the crowbar:

Alternative #1: Leave Your Smartphone at Home!

If you want to concentrate fully on your lecture, you should ban everything that could distract you in any way from your radius of action. In concrete terms, this means: Leave your smartphone at home, do not take any interesting books with you, and consciously avoid any objects that could disturb you in the lecture hall. Do not imagine that you will hold back, but consistently leave everything that is superfluous at home.

In all honesty, do you really need it on you at all times? Just do the required things at home, like turning to a professional writing service with “write my paper” or browsing your various social media. Honestly, if you have your phone on you, you will inevitably use it, no other option. So, it’s better just to leave it at home. This way, you’ll have no ideas about getting your phone out and checking TikTok or Instagram “only for a few minutes” (yeah, we all know how well that goes).

Alternative #2: Isolate Yourself in the Lecture Hall!

Especially communicative students find it difficult to concentrate on the content during the lecture when their favorite fellow students are sitting on either side. Long private conversations, casual conversations, or mere gestures can quickly destroy your focus. So carry out a little experiment – and implement it! Find a seat on the other side of the classroom and avoid your fellow students for this time. However, tell your friends beforehand so that nobody is offended and you can continue where you left off after the 90 minutes.

Alternative #3: Sit in Front!

Something even more extreme than the pure isolation from your fellow students: Sit in front – in the first row! Why? If you put yourself in the front, you can hardly or not at all hide yourself and possible distracting actions. Your teacher will keep a close eye on you and notice your every move. In this case, you can’t help but concentrate on what’s happening in front of you.

Alternative #4: Talk to the Lecturer Beforehand!

If you are not attending a mass lecture with hundreds of students, you can make even better use of your lecturer’s presence: show up in the lecture hall a few minutes before your lecture and talk to them. It doesn’t really matter what you talk about – what matters is what happens afterward: they will pay more attention to you during the lecture than usual. And this forces you to pay attention and make a good impression.

Alternative #5: Make a Bet!

Normally, bets are uncertain, but not in this case: a wisely placed bet on your behavior during the lecture can easily double your concentration and bring you new energy out of nowhere. Especially if the bet is particularly embarrassing for you and thus serves as a strong incentive to fulfill the bet. All you have to do is pick a measurable task (such as not talking during the lecture, not looking at your smartphone, etc.) and find a betting partner who is willing to control you. Your fellow students will certainly be happy to take on this last part.




It’s natural for you to experience fluctuations in concentration and occasional distractions during your lecture. However, it is up to you to deal with this situation sensibly and to decide whether you want to make your lecture professional or whether you prefer to treat your time in the lecture hall as a casual pastime.

If you want to study successfully and still have enough free time, you cannot avoid structuring your lectures efficiently. Therefore, take all the necessary measures to make the most of your university events. The 7 plans above can serve as a basis for this.

Suggestion: Only implement ONE point for your next lecture.

Approach it slowly and make your time at the university more productive step by step – and thus more successful. Don’t overwhelm yourself, but don’t allow yourself to stand in your own way and stay below your potential. You don’t need to stress yourself out, but you mustn’t sabotage yourself.

Your grades will thank you and your student life too.