The Huawei Band 3e in the test: What can a cheap fitness tracker do?

Are you looking for an inconspicuous fitness tracker that you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket and that can last a while without a charging station? After that the Huawei Band 3e, which you can even wear as a tracker on your shoe, also could be the right alternative for you. Our test clarifies what it does. Check the test report below;

Huawei’s Band 3e is a slimmed-down version of the Band 3 Pro. The lightweight of 13.6 grams measures just 3.9 x 1.5 x 1.1 centimeters. The highlight: The tracker can be pressed out of the black or optionally pink, green, gray or orange silicone wristband to charge it, which rarely happens, or to attach it to the shoe with the clip supplied. This is a nice and new idea: But it also indicates what the 3e tape is missing: a pulse sensor. Thanks to the six-axis acceleration sensor, it delivers precise results on the number of steps and on the running style. The wearable also estimates distances covered and calories burned based on your height and step frequency. For buying huawei e3 band survey our official site. There you will see various types of Huawei products in cheapest price. You can also buy Huawei products online in fast delivery. After visiting our site you will satisfy and purchase more products from us.

Extremely long battery life at the expense of a heart rate sensor

So the question arises: are you pursuing specific fitness goals and would like, for example, to improve your endurance performance, lose weight and monitor your sleep as closely as possible? Then the choice should fall on a wearable with heart rate measurement. This is the only way to determine how many calories you actually burn and how well you recover during the night. In fact, the 3e cannot convince as a sleep tracker: It reacts very sensitively to movements, I just turned around or got up briefly and then went back to sleep. The bracelet still only tracks three to four hours of my sleep, which definitely does not work – otherwise I would certainly not be happily typing test reports here.

In short: the heart rate measurement is missing here, but it also has a noteworthy disadvantage, as it usually eats up a lot of battery power – just like a built-in GPS. Huawei Volume 3e dispenses with both and impresses in the test with a considerable stamina of two weeks. For beginners who monitor their training load by listening to their body and breathing, the bracelet has the advantage that, when worn on the shoe, it evaluates the running style. There is actually a need for many beginners to run more efficiently or with less strain on the joints.

Tracking of running, swimming and cycling

That means: If you just want to motivate yourself to more exercise and sport such as running, cycling or swimming without spending a lot of money or spending time at the socket, the Band 3e could be a suitable companion. Compared to the even cheaper box office hit from China, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which even comes with a heart rate sensor, the 3e is particularly impressive in that it is waterproof up to 50 meters. It should automatically recognize and track your training. If not, you can manually update the duration, distance and time of day for the activities walking, running outside or on the treadmill, cycling outside and swimming in the pool using the free Huawei Health app. It is just as clear and calm as the Xiaomi app. That’s why we are recommending this app. 

Action reminders and notifications

Every day, the slim fitness bracelet suitable for beginners impresses people with its wearing comfort and reminding people to get up and exercise regularly. You can use the Huawei Health App to set steps and weight goals, and get medals after reaching the goals. However, sometimes it can be a bit annoying until you read the message on your phone. However, you will not receive any application notifications. You should also do this without more information or even sample text on your wrist. 

Conclusion: more pedometers than anything else

 It supports activities such as walking, jogging, cycling and swimming, but without heart rate measurement: this can be a disadvantage especially for beginners, older people or ambitious people with fitness goals, because they cannot control their load. It’s the bad thing of this; the bracelet also fails as a sleep tracker. If you don’t care, because you just want a solid step and movement motivator, you should be happy with the considerable battery life of up to three weeks and the ridiculous price which is not too high you can check it from official site. The option of wearing the tracker on the shoe could also convince the target group, who already attach little importance to push notifications with text preview. For everyone else who doesn’t want to do without a pulse sensor, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 for high price could be an alternative in the very affordable price range, or you can take a look at the big brother, the Huawei Band 3e: the test report is available on official site. The method of survey our site mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. You may read that and visit.
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